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Leanne Goodes

Leanne Goodes

Senior Web Developer

Leanne is a front-end web developer here at Equinet. After studying Graphic Design at the University of Northampton several years ago and obtaining a degree in Graphic Communications, Leanne then went on to work as a digital designer for a few years and soon began to take a keen interest in front-end web development.

After finding she thoroughly enjoyed working in this field, Leanne decided to progress her career as a front-end web developer and after many years of study and practice, she still loves to code and problem solve, and is always looking to see how we can develop and improve our websites.

In her spare time, Leanne loves to be at home, taking on the occasional DIY project and occasionally finding time to make her own jewellery.

She is also a huge VW campervan fan and would love to one day take one out for a spin.

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