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Published Mar 19, 2012 | Written by Jeremy Knight

video_01-1Everyone loves watching videos, not just because they're funny and entertaining, but because they're a different way to educate and inform ourselves.  

That's probably the most important reason why video marketing is a popular way to drive website traffic and promote a business.

If you're thinking about using video marketing to promote your business, you may be wondering how to do it successfully.  Follow these tips to learn how to post videos that bring people back to your site time and time again.

Create original content.

Some sites share videos from other sources, but they have to add things like commentary to make the video resonate with their visitors.  A better strategy is to create your own content.  

Anything that's relevant to your business and customers makes great video content.  Instead of writing about news and events, post videos of things like:

When your videos resonate with visitors, your site - and your business - will resonate as well.

Choose content topics wisely.

Videos featuring babies and animals doing cute things are guaranteed traffic generators, but they won't do much for your business.  Why?  Because your visitors are more interested in things that are relevant to your business.

The content examples listed above are good ideas because they matter to your visitors.  Traffic for traffic's sake does nothing for your bottom line, because those visitors don't come back or work with you.  Relevant content won't get millions of hits, but it will bring people that can turn into profitable customers later.

Post frequently.

Video marketing doesn't happen on occasion.  You have to make it a priority to make it successful.  Sites that are updated more frequently get more traffic, so if you post videos on a regular basis, you'll have more visitors and ultimately more business.

There's no golden rule for how often to post.  Most sites post anywhere from twice a week to every other week, so you should as well.  If you post less often, visitors look elsewhere for fresher content; more often, and your content runs the risk of losing relevance.    

Market through social media.

When content clicks, it goes viral, usually through social media.  Add sites like Facebook and Twitter to your video marketing plan and your videos may catch fire as well.

If you already have social media pages, add links to your videos.  If not, create them, build up your follower lists, and write headlines that make them want to click the video links - or even share them with their followers.

Post where your customers are.

Sometimes the best marketing tool for your site is other sites.  If you find a site that your customers like and allows video submissions, use it for your own video marketing.

YouTube is the most obvious example, but other sites are just as effective.  News sites that cover your industry or region can generate a lot of traffic, as can competitor sites that publish guest blogs.  It's true - if you can post blogs and links to your videos on the sites of competing companies, not only will you have a new marketing channel, but you'll gain access to new qualified business leads.

Video marketing might be new to you, but others have used it before and saw great results. Add video to your marketing strategy and you'll have a unique, informative, and entertaining way to drive more traffic to your site.

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Published by Jeremy Knight March 19, 2012
Jeremy Knight