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Why link building should feature in your marketing mix

Written by Jeremy Knight  |  17, February, 2012  |  0 Comments  Subscribe

When it comes to your marketing mix, there are many different things to consider, but there are a few techniques that every B2B business should be using. Link building is one of these.

What is link building?
The plain and simple definition of link building is the process of gathering external links to your website from other sites and blogs. But despite its simplicity as a concept, as a practice it is far from easy or straight forward.


How will Google’s ‘Your World’ impact b2b search and social?

Written by Jeremy Knight  |  20, January, 2012  |  0 Comments  Subscribe

This month Google announced the latest in a series of changes which are moving the search and social functions of the Internet ever closer together.

While the slow but sure merging of search engines and social networks might at first glance seem something that’s of more concern to consumer-facing businesses than B2B organisations, the truth is it will come to affect all those with an online presence.


Keywords matter when compiling your online content

Written by Jeremy Knight  |  13, October, 2011  |  0 Comments  Subscribe

Content may be king, but it’s nothing without its subjects – in other words, the keywords that help to justify its purpose.

Keywords are in many ways the essence of online content. Simply put, keywords are the words or phrases people use to search for content. For example, “accountancy firm” or “accountancy firm in Cambridge.” If you embed these keywords in your online content, the search engines will match these with the search enquiries and elevate you in the search results.