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Story matters


Are you telling the right story?

Is your story about you or your customer? Sometimes businesses fail to communicate in a relatable way online. 


How many websites ...

  • Fail to communicate what the company does?
  • Make the main focus their products and services?
  • Use complex, jargony copy that's hard to decipher?

B2B executives don't leave their emotions and personality at the door when they go to work. We need to connect with them on an emotional level too. And when we empathise with their problem before pitching a solution, they're more minded to engage and enter the story.


There's a better way ...

A Media Framework
A Resonant Brand

If you need to grow, demand-generation without brand marketing is not enough. Your business needs demand and brand to fulfil its potential. A media mindset and appreciation of a customers context will shape your content, story, and narrative.

Media assets that extend your reach and influence

It’s a noisy world with near-unlimited competition for attention, so standing out is more challenging than ever. With a media mindset, you’re always thinking about customer concerns and aspirations and finding ways to help and delight them.

Building a media brand might seem a stretch until you think inch-wide, mile-deep. Repurpose the stories, knowledge and expertise that set you apart across your website, blog, cornerstone content and social media. You should consider video imperative too.

The value of a media mindset
The Content Strategy Workshops

Content Strategy Workshops

We audit your set up, conduct research, review brand positioning and establish goals and timelines. Then introduce a framework for establishing core messaging and brand narrative.

Cognisant of buyer profile and lifecycle stages, we will brainstorm customer feelings and priorities to inform synopses for content assets that will help move prospects through the buyer’s journey.

Customers have a problem. How you respond can set you apart. In this workshop, we identify the change customers want and develop messaging to position them as heroes in your story.

A workshop to establish:

  • Your customer's principal problem
  • Your credentials as a solution provider
  • Customer cost of not taking action
  • A buyer’s journey and lifecycle stages
  • Your narrative framework and talking points
  • Content ideation and positioning

We plot customer’s jobs-to-be-done; their pain trying to accomplish them, and perceived gains by getting them done. Then draw on your core propositions to match how you relieve pain and create value for customers.

Communication should flow from a customers’ perspective. And the channels you use should match the places they gather and consume information.

The workshop takes a day and is ideal in person (although possible online). Covid permitting, of course. Book a free consultation to review the agenda and options.

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It is essential to measure and analyse site visitor’s behaviour. An agile website is adjusted and optimised based on user behaviour, and recognising a visitor’s context improves their experience, reducing friction. Is it clear to the visitor how they can do business with you? And what are the consequences of them taking no action? These and other questions are essential in a website workshop designed to draw out the right information.

Building an agile site with growth-driven design, operating in continuous improvement cycles, requires thorough investigation at the outset. Armed with pre-workshop analysis and an understanding of your customer’s needs, fears and aspirations, we will run a website strategy workshop with your team to establish everything we need to know to build the site your customers need.

  • Setting goals and timelines
    Agree on the outcomes we need to achieve.
  • Review persona priorities
    Ask the right questions about site visitors at different lifecycle stages.
  • Website Wishlist
    What are all the elements you would want on the site? And 20% of items that would make 80% of the difference?
  • Growth-driven design
    Make fundamental assumptions and establish priorities for GDD cycles.

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In the buyer persona workshop, we develop substantial descriptions of the people most likely to buy from you. Together, we go beyond demographics to understand your prospects' challenges, fears, and aspirations. What causes buyers to invest in solutions like yours and what do they expect to achieve? Which aspects of competing solutions do they perceive as most critical? What concerns could make them doubt you are their best option? And who and what is in their ecosystem that might sway their opinion either way?

Priority Initiatives
What causes buyers to invest in solutions like yours, and what is different about buyers who are satisfied with the status quo?

Success Factors
What operational or personal results does your buyer persona expect to achieve by purchasing this solution?

Perceived Barriers
What concerns cause your buyer to believe that your solution or company is not their best option?

Decision Criteria
Which aspects of competing products, services, solutions or company do buyers perceive as critical, and what are their expectations for each?

Buyer‘s Ecosystem
Who and what impacts your customer as they evaluate their options and select one.

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