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Delight and Retain Customers with Inbound Marketing

Use great content and smart marketing to increase customer retention and turn your customers into advocates

Be remarkable beyond the sales experience

happy-customerMany think it is down to customer services or account managers to delight customers. But many studies show it costs 10x more to attract a new customer than keep one. There is clear value in keeping customers happy. 

Every interaction a customer has with your business feeds into their experience. So being remarkable should extend beyond the marketing and sales stages. Now you need to delight customers throughout their relationship with you.

Now we need to create customer advocates

customer-advocacyKeeping customers happy makes good sense. So getting them to tell other potential customers about you is a good idea too.

Delighted customers can be extensions of your sales and marketing. They can introduce you to people who would otherwise never hear about you. Happy customers can be advocates.

The idea of customer advocacy is not new. But with the rise of the Internet and social web it has taken on a new significance. Tools for people to recommend your products or services have never been more prevalent. And, a complaint about a flaw or a disappointment over a bad encounter can quickly spread too.

So, what can Marketing do to create remarkable experiences for customers post-sale? How can we help client retention and empower our advocates?  

Delight customers with inbound marketing

By using the right inbound tactics, you can enhance your customers experience. These tactics include:

  • Advanced Content: educational content can continue to provide benefits post-sale. But the focus should change from top of the funnel to product or service related content. Content like product guides or how-to manuals. Even cross-sell information or usage tips and tricks

  • Customer Newsletter: with product news, company news and curated industry information

  • Targeted Social Media: watch customers social media activity so you can engage with them. Answer their questions, respond to comments and share content

  • Smart Content: provide customers with online experiences that recognise who they are. Serve content relevant to their life cycle stage.


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