Step One:
Book a Discovery Consultation

Please schedule a consultation to focus on your situation and discover obstacles to growth that may be in your way.  

Step One: Discover

We will discuss your current situation and results and explore what may keep you from reaching your growth goals (sometimes, issues hiding in plain sight). And we will investigate the potential of building long-lasting growth in your business with our proven methodology. 

If we agree to move to Step Two, I will send you an NDA and an online diagnostic survey (33 questions: 10 minutes) as a pre-cursor to Step Two.

Step Two: Define

Attend a 40-minute interactive workshop to pinpoint your ICP, establish goals/timelines, and identify competitors for insightful research and benchmarking.

Step Three: Differentiate

Craft a winning positioning strategy for your business in a dynamic three-hour workshop with key stakeholders, using insights from Steps One and Two. Because standing out to ideal customers is paramount.