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Email Campaign Management

Excellent email campaign management focuses on delivering the best recipient experience of your brand. That means well-thought out design, appropriate use of personalisation, and rigorous testing.

email-campaign-managementOur first action is to upload and label your data. We extract hard bounces, remove redundant domains, suppress duplications and extract ISP complainants. We then optimise your database for email marketing by mapping key data fields, making analysis more meaningful; arrange data into address books for targeting and help devise an opt-in strategy to grow your database.

We are committed to secure data management for our clients. Equinet has invested in a secure customer data portal allowing your client data to be received, stored and managed safely; we practise "encryption in flight" when transferring client data from our portal directly to encrypted containers on local computers and then use solely on relevant campaigns.  We are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office as a data controller and we help our clients stay safely within the framework of the Data Protection Act with their email marketing.

Email Campaign Management

The next step is to work with all your email campaign assets: uploading the html code, actioning any copy amends, ensuring successful rendering of your images and validating links - naming links for reporting, as well as checking that they are working.

As appropriate, we ensure your mail comes from the ‘contact owner’ and insert personalisation, such as first name, recipient's company name, and even insert account information if supplied.

Prior to sending, campaigns are tested in all major email clients to ensure they render as they should, and we check your mail against all major spam filters to ensure they will pass. Then, we send you test mails - in both HTML and plain text formats - for you to sign off before sending out the campaign proper. 

We can also offer the following email campaign services, where needed:

Triggered Campaigns: We will plan and implement auto-response emails, series triggers, custom event triggers and behavioural trigger email campaigns for you.

Dynamic Content: We will personalise your emails by database field injecting relevant content across multiple address books, which can greatly improve your response rates.

Branded Surveys: We can create surveys and questionnaires with data capture straight into your Equinet database, harvesting data that automatically updates your mailing lists.

Landing Pages: We can create landing pages or even microsites where content is 100% relevant to that visit.

If you would like to discuss any of the aspects of email campaign management discussed above, click on the consultation link below and we will schedule a time to provide sales-free impartial advice to you.

Managed Email Consultation


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