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Email Campaign Reports and our Managed Email Marketing Costs

Our reports will provide you with clear success metrics by which to measure your email marketing campaigns.

Email-campaign-reportsWe provide sight of your key campaign results so you can interpret the success of your mail, understanding how recipients engaged with it ncluding unique opens, unique clicks, click to open rate, bounces and unsubscribes - delivered as a PDF report.

We are able provide additional insight into the level of recipient engagement, including the different email clients and mobile devices they are using, which browsers, and whether recipients deleted, skim read or printed your email, providing valuable intelligence for future campaigns.

Our email campaign reports provide visual indicators of day-by-day activity, popular links and hot-spot mailing overlays, as well as - where appropriate - the geographic location of openers. 

In addition, we provide you with the data that identifies exactly who has opened your mail, what they clicked on or downloaded and even where they went on your website.

You also get to purge your database by learning exactly who is no longer receiving your mail due to a change of circumstance.

You can access your account at any time via a secure log-in in order to check out the results, download data or investigate specific activity.

How outsourced email marketing can improve results

Having the resource, time, and expertise to conceive, build, and send email campaigns successfully is not always a given. If you are pulled every which way running your company or managing your marketing then you could probably do with some help.

Essentially, if you want to enjoy the returns of really effective email marketing you are faced with a choice, do you hire in an experienced employee or outsource to a proven expert?

Equinet has managed email marketing expertise provided to businesses from numerous industries and specialising in B2B email campaigns tailored to every clients' specific needs.

We will manage your data, apply segmentation where appropriate, and set up your campaign creative based on template and copy provided (or design a branded template for you). We will check and name all of your links, test across all major email clients and spam filters, send and report back to you in detail.

Our full service includes the following:

  • an unique custom from address
  • a new account within our email marketing platform, giving you access to email campaign reports
  • fully designed template - cognisant of your branding/colourways/styling
  • full campaign management
  • secure data management (via our secure portal)
  • testing and sending of your campaigns.

Our managed email marketing costs start from £350 per campaign, for under 2500 sends.
Initial client set up/template costs would usually amount to a one-off cost of £890.

If you would like to discuss any of the aspects of email design discussed above, click on the consultation link below and we will schedule a time to provide sales-free impartial advice to you.

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