BUILD AN Inbound MARKETING Foundation


The 'Foundation' step is part of the BUILD stage in our proven process (along with Website Design) - the elements that underpin a successful Inbound Programme. 

HubSpot setup, Research and Blog Creation 

Inbound marketing has a lot of moving parts that fit together to create a marketing ‘machine’ for your business. These include the technology, the content, the design and the campaigns that deliver the ultimate marketing mix that will drive your traffic, leads and sales.

In the first instance, we set up your HubSpot portal (saving you the HubSpot onboarding fee in the process: £490 for Basic, £2,450 for Professional and £4,100 for Enterprise). This includes configuration of the footer, header, personalisation, compliance and tracking elements across your website and email settings. It requires form creation with progressive profiling, messaging and preference settings for reporting and exclusions as well as the technical aspects of setting up blog and landing page templates.

We work from the content calendar developed during the Strategy phase to research and gather information on the early pre-launch blog posts (four posts as Standard with the Foundation package). This can include interviews with your internal experts as well as external sources you provide. We then set about writing and optimising those posts and acquiring images before setting up and scheduling for publication.

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Creating the core engine

Inbound marketing is powered by content and context. The experience of connecting with you can define success. And conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is a vital consideration once you have attracted traffic to your site. The core components of a winning CRO formula are your calls-to-action (CTAs), landing pages, and thank you pages.

Equinet will research, interview, write and design your Awareness stage eBook (approx. 3,500 words) and Consideration stage offer (typically 2,500 words). We will interpret, or develop your editorial guidelines, and incorporate, and if required, develop your brand guidelines.

We will copy write and design CTA banners for your site and blog, build landing page templates, and implement design and optimised copywriting for each offer. We will develop a thank-you-page template incorporating a secondary CTA and form. And we will create A/B test versions (Professional license and above) and include ‘Smart’ fields as appropriate across your CTAs and Landing Pages.

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Your blog, emails, workflows, lists and lead scoring

Designing a full Foundation requires the setup of essential tools in HubSpot as well the design and set up of your Blog and email templates. Even if we are not developing your website on the HubSpot CMS, we must still set up your blog and landing pages on the platform. For that reason, both are included in the Foundation work.

We will design your blog in-line with your website creating both the index page and the individual post template. As well as setting up your social channels we will migrate existing posts (assuming from a Wordpress or existing HubSpot site) and set up your topics and any other aspects you would like to include.

We will design email templates for your newsletter, blog subscribers, offer templates and re-engagement mails. These will be tested across all the main email clients and incorporate personalisation as appropriate. We will setup your Workflows in HubSpot including, timing, branching logic and backburner lists. We will also build your foundational Lists in the platform including Persona Lists, Lifecycle List, Suppression Lists and any data-trigger lists required at the outset. We will also set up standard lead-scoring for you.

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