You want help developing a strategic plan for inbound and building the foundational elements, then implement inbound in-house. 


Equinet runs a series of workshops and generates associated outputs to deliver your strategic plan:

  • Positional research including baseline audit and competitor benchmarking
  • Brand development including core propositions, reasons to believe, brand essence and personality
  • Customer fit including alignment of your customer's challenges and aspirations with your solutions and gain creators
  • Persona definition including the development of up to two personas and their priority initiative, perceived barriers, success factors and decision criteria
  • Buyer's journey definition including consideration of the content and experiences your customers need at each stage of the cycle
  • Ideal customer profile including a perfect target company portrait and definition of their demographic imperatives
  • Content mapping including keyword research, a content audit, eBook synopsis development, optimised blog title development, and key stage offer consideration
  • Digital review presentation of draft designs for your blog pages, landing pages, CTA banners, email templates, and setting up your website for optimal inbound performance


Equinet develops, creates and designs the foundational elements that will set you up for success:

  • Awareness Stage eBook: Top of the funnel eBook of about 3,500 words, fully designed in line with your brand, working from the synopsis in your strategic plan - including the InDesign files
  • Blog posts: Four posts of approximately 1,000 words, selected from the calendar developed in your strategic plan, uploaded, optimised and scheduled in HubSpot
  • Blog templates: Equinet will build the index page, and individual post templates from designs agreed during the strategic planning phase
  • Landing Page Template: We will build your landing page template in HubSpot from designs agreed in the strategy phase, and copy write and develop a page for the Awareness Stage eBook
  • Calls to Action: We will design a calls-to-action banner for your Awareness Stage eBook for your blog and your site and provide you with the Photoshop files
  • Email template design: We design, build and set up in HubSpot the templates you need for a newsletter and your lead nurturing workflows
  • Hubspot Set-up: We will set up and configure your HubSpot portal for optimal performance ready for launch
  • Training: We can provide complimentary blog training module and a social media training module (2/3 hours each) for up to 10 members of your team if required

This programme takes three months from start to launch and costs £15,000 + VAT. If you would like to learn more or discover when we could work with you set up a time to speak above.