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Step 2: Build the foundation/Part one: Full HubSpot optimisation

Organisations come to HubSpot with different levels of expertise and different expectations.

HubSpot configuration activities

There are old hands who want to become super-users and real inbound experts. And then some existing customers who have only scratched the surface of its capabilities. Not to mention new starters who need to set up the platform from scratch.

With HubSpot, there is a lot to take on board. And there is always more to learn as you begin to lever its functionality to deliver on your brand growth goals.

Equinet is here to support you, train your team, help with the basics and deliver more complex configuration tasks as and when required.

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Hubspot configuration activities:


Initial set up

If you’re starting from scratch, there are things you need to do straight away. Setting up your subdomain and installing your tracking code, configuring Google Analytics and connecting social accounts. And essential tasks like migrating data and content planning. We can help you develop and execute a plan to get you up and running fast.

CRO design and development

Create bespoke conversion paths that are consistent across your site. From CTAs to landing-pages and thank-you pages. Then building, testing and tweaking every part of these journeys to optimise results.

Progressive profiling

We enable more efficient data-capture with custom forms that dynamically update. This adds value to every customer conversion on your site.

Reports and dashboards

Visualise and report on its success. Equinet can help you build reporting dashboards that capture metrics and control data in meaningful ways.


Whatever level of support or training you need, Equinet can help you master what you need in HubSpot, from the basics to the whole shebang.

Build lead scoring

Define the lead scoring models that help select and nurture better and more qualified leads. This will help better qualify contacts and companies. Use data like demographics, digital behaviour, and location to focus on the ‘right fit’ leads for your business.


You’ll want to define and build workflows that nurture customer relationships. These are automated customer journeys which lead to better quality data capture and sales conversions. Setting up and testing these are a vital but time-consuming part of the inbound process. We can help you establish and refine these as you build your inbound expertise.

Smart and Static lists

Use Smart and Static lists to target the right leads with the right content. Then segment automatically as new data is added to prospects’ and customers’ profiles.


Many tools integrate with HubSpot. From native integrations with Shopify to Salesforce. Or integrations that require an API. Equinet can help you install the right tech-stack.

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