The research & workshop programme.

The number one reason fast-growth marketing strategies fail is lack of buy-in from Leadership, Sales and subject matter experts. Our research and workshops establish alignment across your teams to establish consensus on the direction, goals, and timelines.


There are eight research & workshop packages each priced at £3,000*. Book all eight and it's £18,000*.

An optimised CRM.

Equinet was one of the first agencies in the UK to partner with HubSpot. We've been setting up the platform since 2011.

  • Set up your team, subdomains, settings, CNAME, CRM, email, social accounts and integrations.

  • Configure personas, forms, custom properties, lead scoring and lifecycle stages.

  • Map a process to ensure contacts go through different nurturing tracks depending on their persona and lifecycle stage.

  • Identify manual tasks for automation to develop workflows, lists, and smart-content opportunities.

Typical cost between £3,000 - £9,000*




Create Content.

Creating content that sets you apart requires insight from subject matter experts. You have to decide whether you will do this in-house or outsource to an informed and connected external resource like Equinet. Either way, you need content that responds to what matters to your customers, that answers their most pressing questions — content for each stage of the buyer's journey across multiple channels.

We deliver a solid foundation of content (the backbone of a first quarterly campaign). Typically, costs are between £25,000 and £50,000.* It depends on your setup, goals, and timelines.

Build your website on the HubSpot CMS.

Design should not trump performance. That isn't to say design doesn't matter – it does. But if your website isn't delivering the outcomes you need, that won't matter. And without a strong narrative and intuitive UX, you could fall short of what's possible.

You might want to take a growth-driven design (GDD) approach. With the right message, at the right time, to the right person using smart tech and data-driven insight, you'll need an agile website that evolves based on visitor behaviour in continuous improvement cycles, a site that grows based on evidence, not guessing.


Site design & build tends to be between £15,000* and £50,000* and GDD cycles between £3,000* and £5,000* a month.



Campaigns cost between £21,000* and £60,000* per quarter. Costs depend on where you are now, where you want to be and by when?

*All prices are indicative and exclude VAT