Senior Account Manager

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Our account team manages the implementation of inbound marketing tactics. They contribute to our goal of helping each client achieve their business objectives. In particularly through lead generation and conversion.

Supporting the development of Strategic Inbound Marketing Plans

  • Work with an inbound delivery team in the initial client strategy planning process. Including the Persona & Proposition Workshop. The Positioning & Content Workshop. The Website Workshop. And contributing to the development of the Strategic Inbound Marketing GamePlan.
  • Conduct research to identify clients competitive operating environment and their position in it.
  • Assist the Inbound Strategist in understanding customers target audience segments. Including their pains and solutions to those pains. And consideration of opportunities to make the client ‘Remarkable’.
  • Translate opportunities to be ‘Remarkable’ into an internal brief for development.

Core responsibilities

  • Appreciate both the internal and external factors that affect a client's marketing goals. Especially in light of tactics introduced with inbound marketing.
  • Explore target personas media consumption. And how that might impact the design and implementation of strategic and tactical plans.
  • Contribute to the development of client’s Marketing Plans including:
    • SEO/Keyword Research and identification
    • Suggested topics for Cornerstone Content Offers, MOFU Offers and BOFU Offers
    • Take part in the planning of quarterly Blog calendars and Email offers
    • Research persona-sourcing strategies, and develop any trade show strategy.
  • Develop and agree on success criteria for programme evaluation. Ensure well-defined objectives and measurement benchmarks are in place.
  • Analyse performance data against success metrics. Identify modifications to existing tactics to enhance performance.
  • Prepare and present performance data and analysis in-house and to the client.
  • Provide regular client status updates to the internal team and communicate client feedback.
  • Work with Creative, Content and Interactive to review concepts and develop client presentations.
  • Be a proactive and productive member of the customers service team.
  • Ensure credibility and build trust with appropriate members of the client’s team.
  • Attend client meetings with a crystal clear briefs and perfect preparation
  • Take part in client ideation sessions. Bring a deep appreciation of the customer’s goals and business.
  • Ensure that all client deliverables are on time, on budget and as specified.
  • Pursue consistent professional development to improve your knowledge and skills.


  • At least, four years experience in a marketing or similar client facing role.
  • Passionate and collaborative approach and excellent project management capabilities.
  • Strong time management skills. Good interpersonal skills. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. And well organised.
  • You can show a grasp of inbound marketing tactics, performance measurement and analysis.
  • Able to be based at/work from our Bedford offices.

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