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The Inbound Marketing GamePlan

We create your GamePlan by combining your persona definition, brand development, buyer cycle and content calendar work with the ensuing strategy and tactics that underpin the SMART goals we agree.

inbound-marketing-stepsIn order to develop you inbound marketing strategy and compile your GamePlan we need to understand the lifetime value of a client, your current cost of customer acquisition and market penetration. We need to define your business goals and timelines, plot your buyer lifecycle stages and develop your content calendar as well as defining your personas and carrying out the brand development work.

All subsequent marketing tactics derive from this strategy as detailed in a GamePlan document that is delivered to you as soon as we complete the strategy and set-up work (typically four weeks after the kick-off meeting).


Identify the buying cycle

The information and solutions your prospects are searching for will vary according to where they are in the buying cycle. So content intended to generate awareness is most likely different from content intended to convert leads to customers.

Using what we know about your buyer personas, we will identify the types of content and best channels to deliver them for each stage of the buying cycle, and set up automated campaigns to nurture their interest. 


Building your content calendar

content-calendarOnce we understand who your prospective customers are, what motivates them, what actions they take and when; and are clear about the content you already have and the content we need to create, we will develop an editorial calendar.

An effective editorial calendar acts like a roadmap in that it helps plan and execute the right content and resource, at the right time and place for each buyer persona, via the appropriate channels and throughout the buying cycle. We will create an online calendar, plan full conversion paths for each piece of content, and research and identify the keyword phrases we need. After initial planning and set up, we will plot the first three months activity.

By the end of that period we will have mapped out the next three months and incorporated efficiencies learnt during the initial period. During these first two stages we will be reviewing traffic, leads and conversions that track back to each piece of content in order to enhance a longer-term editorial calendar.

We will repurpose content across various media channels. An eBook, for example, might provide several blog posts. Equally, an eBook could be constructed from a series of posts written around a particular theme. A monthly email newsletter linking back to your blog posts in that month is a prime example of this type of repurposing activity.



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