Implementing Inbound 


To successfully implement inbound you need to know if it's a good fit, develop the right strategy and tactics, establish solid foundations and establish the right team.  

The Steps towards implementing inbound

Our process for implementing inbound starts with REVIEW. A 30-minute Consultation, 60-minute Assessment and 90-minute Diagnostic Review. In total, we dedicate three hours to ascertaining if Inbound will be a good fit for you and if you are a good fit for us too.

In the case where you/we are a good fit, and we both choose to move forward, the next step is a Strategy Blueprint (DESIGN). We run a series of Workshops and carry out detailed research. We dig into what defines your company, offering and customers. And through this process, we develop a working plan to achieve your goals and timelines.

Next, we BUILD your ‘Foundation’ and (if required) ‘Website’ - the bedrock for delivering the measurable outcomes you can bank on. Then, in the IMPLEMENTATION stage, we work towards weekly, monthly and quarterly targets - objectives defined by your annual goals and timelines. To do this, we create bespoke Trello boards to keep you apprised of exactly where we are as we roll out the strategy.


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Your Implementation Team

When you partner with Equinet we cluster around you to deliver inbound marketing implementation and every aspect of the strategic plan. The deep knowledge, experience and skills of each member of the team is harnessed in pursuit of your targets. And our agile approach ensures we are always responding to issues and opportunities as they arise.

The quarterly, monthly and weekly pulses are continuously reviewed and analysed by your inbound strategist who leads monthly meetings and quarterly reviews with you.

Your weekly planning and review calls are managed by your inbound marketing consultant who is also the Scrum Master for the team. They run the daily stand-ups and ensure we are always burning down the points to deliver your programme.

We are constantly alert to the make-up of your programme which can include growth-driven design, sales enablement, content creation and design as well as inbound marketing tactics and management.

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The value of working with 'Points'

Every aspect of the work we do is assigned a point value. For example, a blog post is three points based on value creation, not hourly estimates. Irrespective of the time invested in completing each piece of work, the points remain the same, ensuring you never pay for any inefficiencies and get the full value of your investment.

During a presentation of the ‘GamePlan’ which is part of your ‘Inbound Strategy Blueprint’ in the DESIGN stage, we will propose a programme, including the associated monthly point value required, specifically in response to your:

  • Goals and timelines
  • Resource and capacity
  • Level of web, marketing and sales activity
  • Level of content output required
  • Requirement for ongoing workshops and training

The minimum level of Points (based on our experience of a minimum viable programme) is 120 Points a Quarter/40 Points a month (billed monthly). Point allocations are defined every three months at the Quarterly Reviews in line with the agreed activity and goals for that Quarter. You can increase or decrease the number of Points each Quarter and our contract with you has a quarterly break clause.

By working in quarterly, monthly and weekly cycles in this way, we offer more efficient and accurate forecasting and planning. And by creating a ninety-day world that supports the goals and vision and keeps the strategy on track, we enhance the longer-term success of the overall project.

For example: An overall goal to increase new sales from online sources by 40% in the next twelve months would be difficult to deliver against if traffic to your site were low. So, having a significant push on generating traffic in the first Quarter and then re-setting the clock to agree on the strategy and goals in the second quarter to focus on conversion rate optimisation is more likely to help us achieve the overall goal.

Everything we do is agile in this way, responding to what happens rather than blindly following a plan of what we ‘guessed’ might occur.

Our full ‘Point Pricing Values Chart’ is available to prospects and clients on request.


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