For Contract Manufacturers focused on growth

For management teams
that want to scale

Do you want to focus on your growth strategy? And are you ready to grow beyond price wars in a crowded market?

In the competitive world of contract manufacturing, distinguishing your business from others is a common challenge. Have you ever asked why it's so hard to stand out? The answer often lies in positioning your company to ideal customers.

  • How do you define positioning, branding, and marketing to lay the bedrock for a successful growth strategy?
  • Why must you design solid foundations with your content and website to maintain sustained growth?
  • What will it take to improve your marketing sales and customer services?

With over a decade of expertise in this industry and a rich background spanning 35 years in media, marketing, and B2B sales, I bring valuable insights to the table. Let me show you how to project a unique identity that will connect with your target audience and establish a competitive edge.

I will send each participant a two-minute survey to help me position the workshop to your unique situation.