YOUR Strategic Gameplan 


A plan tailored to your unique situation

Plans are only as good as their outcomes. Everything tracks back from your goals. But when change happens, plans must stay agile, responding to what happens.

The Playbook will contain all the pieces and parts that make up your approach and strategy for getting things done, including process workflows, operating procedures, and cultural values that shape a consistent response — the play.

Dependent upon which modules you chose from the Strategy and Foundation stages, the Playbook will pull together all of the outputs, including synopses and briefs for your content, designs, and foundational assets. With that core at its base, we will have a blueprint to build your campaign components.

It will also document your goals and a schedule of weekly, monthly and quarterly touchpoints to stay on track, review performance and set new strategic goals.

Strategic Marketing Plan

Your Playbook Components

The B2B Growth Playbook will be delivered on day 42 of this initial 120-day programme.

Benchmark Report

Competitor analysis and your current setup.

A Brand Framework

A framework to guide the creation and management of brand assets.

Your Brand Key

Core propositions, reasons to believe, brand essence, personality, positioning, mission, vision and values.

Ideal Customer Profile

Fully design profile of the perfect customer for your business.

Buyer Persona

Change drivers, success factors, perceived barriers, decision criteria and the eco-system influencing your primary buyer persona.

Website Wireframe

A plan for your homepage designed around your customer.

Website Wishlist & Sitemap

Output from your website workshop to inform the build.

Your Buyers Journey

Key pain points and questions at each lifecycle stage.

Content Audit

Review of existing content to identify repurpose opportunities.

Your Media Plan

Synopses and briefs for each content asset that we will build in step two of the Brand Growth Plan.

The Launch Plan

Components of launch campaign including email, social, video and an on-demand asset.

A 1st Quarter Campaign

A campaign plan for the first 90 days post-launch.

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