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Find out how strategy workshops will lay the foundations for growth in your contract manufacturing business.

What will you learn?

In this FREE 30-minute interactive call, you will explore how our workshops help develop the strategic framework for attracting and converting more good fit opportunities.

Set yourself up for growth

The workshops help you define your strategic approach in order to better aim your sales and marketing tactics. By understanding your customer targets, positioning yourself to stand out, and differentiating your value proposition you can create the right tactics for sustainable growth. 

Understand what's included

We will discuss what each workshop entails, who should be involved, and what the outputs are. I will explain how they fit together to create a holistic strategic approach. Or if you have questions about a particular workshop, I will be happy to answer them.

The best place to start

The process starts with the Brand Positioning Workshop. As part of the 3-step process to get started with The Growth Plan, this workshop includes a diagnostic review as well as competitor research.