Customer service strategy

While getting new customers is essential, keeping existing customers is also crucial. It can be expensive to acquire new business. Growing companies prioritise keeping existing customers happy. Happy customers become your advocates.

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Customer services that reduce churn & improve margins

Process review

How do you currently approach customer service? How do customers get in touch? Who fields those messages? How are they dealt with and tracked? At the outset, we map out your current process and work with you to determine how things could be better. We look at how best to employ the tools available in HubSpot’s Service Hub.

Helpdesk design

Your helpdesk is the system that lets you intake, triage, troubleshoot, and solve customer issues. What channels can customers use to alert you to issues? How quickly and efficiently are those issues addressed? A ticketing system helps your team keep track of problems until they are solved and report on every aspect of your process.


What are the proper channels for customers to reach out to you? Telephone? Email? Live chat? Website forms? Whichever methods you choose, they need to efficiently feed into your helpdesk process. Support team inboxes connected to email, chat and forms can help keep interactions in a central place. We will help you set those channels up in HubSpot’s Service Hub.


What are the stages that a customer experiences with your company, from initial purchase to becoming a promoter for you? By mapping that journey, we can identify what they are doing & feeling at each stage to improve their experience.


A knowledge base is a collection of articles answering questions about your product or service. With HubSpot’s Service Hub, you can set up a support bot to direct customers to the relevant knowledge base articles. It will help customers get self-service answers to common questions without taking up customer service team time.


Gathering customer feedback can help you understand what your customers are thinking and help you find meaningful ways to improve. Feedback tools like Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score, and Customer Satisfaction surveys give you actionable insights. And these tools can help you unearth potential advocates for your business. Advocacy can take the form of reference calls, testimonials, case studies, online reviews and more.



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