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Does your pipeline drive the confidence to grow?

Does your pipeline drive the confidence to grow?

equinet-contrat-marketing-opportunity-green (4)

Are you generating enough
good-fit opportunities?

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Do you stand out
to ideal customers?

Do you struggle to differentiate?

Do you struggle
to differentiate?

In contract manufacturing, businesses often work behind the scenes, leading some to underestimate the value of branding and marketing. However, these elements are crucial to growth in a burgeoning and competitive market.

Ask yourself: Are you merely balancing demand with capacity or actively preparing for growth? Are you positioned where you want to be in your market? A robust brand and strategic marketing are vital for setting your business apart.

We have developed a framework to assist you in creating a customised plan — a growth plan designed for your specific situation and ambition. 

How we helped an EMS company grow

JJS Manufacturing wanted a revitalised strategy to break through the £30m sales barrier, grow website traffic and leads, and find a new, more powerful way of marketing and turning leads into customers.

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The Growth Plan

The Unsung Heroes - A Growth Plan for Contract Manufacturers will help you ask the right questions, review your positioning, branding, and digital strategies, and explore how to build a strong foundation for market orientation and a roadmap for market engagement.
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Analyse competitors, create ideal customer profiles and conduct a brand positioning workshop. A two-week programme to stand out from competitors and position your brand for growth. Discover how this is a risk-free programme by clicking the link below to see the details of the offer.

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Online or in-person


Interactive Workshops

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Research & Reports

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Establish brand and marketing strategies before tactics. Learn how to stand out to ideal customers by emphasising your unique value proposition and distinguishing yourself from competitors. And discover how to position your customer as the hero in your story and create multi-channel content across your buyer's journey.


Online or in-person


Interactive Workshops


A Brand Plan


Messaging Framework




Enhance your marketing strategy by understanding your buyer's journey, developing your content and website plan, and conducting market research. This module creates a plan that prioritises strategy over tactics, to save resources and optimise impact.

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Online or in-person


Interactive Workshops

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Market Research

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Workshop Materials




Deploy a data-driven, integrated, and strategic approach for effective growth.

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Online or in-person


Content Strategy

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Campaign Strategy

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The Game Plan




Your website is the most important digital asset you have. It should give you complete control over the content, branding, and user experience. It should establish credibility, facilitate SEO, enable data analysis, and serve as a hub for sales and marketing.

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3 Month Programme


Managed Process

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Full Transparency

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Fully User Optimised




Design, optimise, and distribute written, audio, and visual content across your buyer's journey. From blogs, to guides, videos and podcasts, your content is the catalyst that propels your brand recognition and engagement. 

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3 Month Programme


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Buyer Optimised

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Campaign Ready




A balanced campaign strategy blends inbound methods with Account-Based Marketing (ABM). This combination broadens reach, optimises budget, and offers a competitive edge. When integrated with sales enablement and revenue operations, it transforms into a business growth engine, emphasising data-driven decisions. 

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Weekly Calls


Quarterly Reviews

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Live Reporting

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Continuous Improvement



Ready to
get started?

In a world where customers expect you’ll operate unseen, how do you stand out, improve your margins and power your pipeline to deliver explosive growth?

This guide will show you how contract manufacturers can align all their sales, marketing and branding activities to drive long-term sustainable business growth.


Growth Quiz


Discovery Call


Growth Workshop


Positioning Module

What does success look like?

When you implement The Growth Plan, you will develop a revenue growth machine that generates a sustainable pipeline of good-fit opportunities that will fuel your growth. You will rekindle the confidence to scale, build your business on a super-charged CRM, create a media brand, and grow your reach and connections.

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Resources to fuel your growth

Our curated collection of growth marketing resources for contract manufacturers needing to scale.

A Growth Plan for The Unsung Heroes of Manufaturing
The Unsung Heroes of Manufacturing

Discover how to stand out, power your pipeline, and improve margins.

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A Guide for B2B Content Research
B2B Research Content

How to do proprietary research for powerful content assets you own.

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A Guide to Brand Positioning
Manufacturer Brand Positioning

Mapping your brand strategy to sales and marketing goals.

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A Guide to Inbound Marketing
Inbound Marketing

Double down on how you get found by people looking for what you do.

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A Guide to Developing a Content Strategy Framework
Content Strategy Framework

How to drive better outcomes from your data, content and design.

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A Guide to Sales & Marketing Alignment
Sales & Marketing Alignment

Explore why it is essential to align sales and marketing and the rise of RevOps.

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A Guide to Video Marketing Solutions
Producing Compelling Videos

Learn the various approaches to producing compelling inbound marketing videos.

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gdd-A Guide to Growth-driven Design
Growth-Driven Design

GDD is a proven method for delivering measurable business value from your web design.

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A Guide to Account Based Marketing
ABM Fundamentals 

Target and engage ideal customers for optimal results.

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A Guide to CRM Optimisation
CRM Optimisation

Explore the value of building your business on your CRM Platform.

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A Guide to Sales Enablement
Sales Enablement

Learn about the importance of creating meaningful content in the sales cycle.

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A Guide to Developing B2B Buyer Personas
Developing B2B Buyer Personas

A guide to what's involved in creating buyer personas and why it matters.

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