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Does your pipeline deliver the confidence to grow?


Are you generating enough
good-fit opportunities?


Do you stand out
to ideal customers?


Are you meeting
your growth goals?

In contract manufacturing, operating behind the scenes is often the norm. As a consequence, the significance of branding and marketing can feel misplaced. This difficulty is further exacerbated in an expanding market rife with competition.

However, without a strong brand and effective marketing strategies, it can become challenging to differentiate your business. The question arises: Are you simply juggling demand and capacity to maintain the status quo, or are you strategically positioning your business for growth?

The Growth Plan

This plan is for contract manufacturers who want to grow sustainably. A plan that understands your challenges and a blueprint for delivering returns on the cost of implementation. Your brand matters more than ever today to attract and target ideal customers and to stand out from competitors.


Position your business for growth

Analyse competitors, create ideal customer profiles and conduct a brand positioning workshop. A two-week programme to stand out from competitors and position your brand for growth. Discover how this is a risk-free programme by clicking the link below to see the details of the offer.


Develop brand and marketing strategies

Establish brand and marketing strategies before tactics. Learn how to stand out to ideal customers by emphasising your unique value proposition and distinguishing yourself from competitors. And discover how to position your customer as the hero in your story and create multi-channel content across your buyer's journey. 


Plot your strategic game plan

An overarching strategic game plan integrates value propositions, content and website strategies, sales enablement, and market research. It directs efforts, optimises resources, and ensures cohesive, effective business operations, driving sustainable growth. 


Strategic website redesign

Your website is a window into your world. A website redesign focuses on enhancing user experience through improved aesthetics, intuitive navigation, and optimised performance, including faster load times and better conversions. 

A redesign aligns the website with evolving business goals and branding while new features extend functionality. A user-friendly content management system streamlines updates and page creation, ensuring the website is flexible and adaptable to the business's ongoing needs.


Build a content foundation

A comprehensive content foundation should include key messages, value propositions, brand voice, style, and targeted keywords, forming the basis for creating consistent, engaging, and valuable content across different stages of your buyer's journey. And it is a plan that is cognisant of the competitive landscape and the channels and mediums in the market where you are best placed to compete.


Plan quarterly campaigns

Employing the Kaizen methodology, we implement incremental adjustments to inbound and outbound marketing, yielding substantial improvements over time. Data analysis and weekly discussions serve to refine strategies and optimise processes. Every quarter, we assess performance, adjust plans, and establish new goals, enhancing campaign success and maintaining agility.


Integrate your ERP & CRM

Integrating ERP and CRM systems boosts operational efficiency by streamlining business processes, enhancing data visibility, reducing data redundancy, and facilitating real-time analytics. This results in improved customer service, accurate forecasting, increased sales productivity, and superior decision-making, contributing to overall business growth and profitability.


Build a revenue operations department

Revenue Operations (RevOps) unifies marketing, sales, and customer service operations, improving alignment, optimising processes, and enhancing data insights. It results in seamless customer experiences, better forecasting accuracy, improved business decision-making, and increased revenue growth. RevOps reduces internal silos, fostering collaboration and driving organisational efficiency and effectiveness.

Three risk-free options for getting started

Discover how we shape a winning strategy to scale your business:

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Plan Guide
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Strategy Workshop
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Discover a risk-free offer for Step One of The Growth Plan. 

By sticking with the status quo, you might struggle to position your business in the market to ideal customers and people looking for what you do.

What does success look like?

When you implement The Growth Plan, you will develop a revenue growth machine that generates a sustainable pipeline of good-fit opportunities that will fuel your growth. You will rekindle the confidence to scale, build your business on a super-charged CRM, create a media brand, and grow your reach and connections.

  • A customer-focused brand
  • A differentiated proposition
  • Better-fit leads
  • Dependable pipeline
  • Reduced risk