About Equinet Media

We believe contract manufacturers are the unsung heroes of manufacturing. In this high-growth sector, we exist to create an unfair advantage for customers.

Your work is making a world of difference to your customers

You are driving unprecedented growth and prosperity as an unseen but essential force in the global economy. In fact, in 2023 (according to BCC), your industry grew to $2.7 trillion per annum, representing nearly 3% of the world's GDP. 

With the predicted median CAGR across all CM sectors hovering above 6% in 2023, this sector is sure to become one of the most critical areas for economic success in the years ahead. Some reports estimate that the market may double by the decade's end. 


Our mission is to set the industry standard for growth marketing & contract manufacturers

Driven by our passion, we are dedicated to providing tailored solutions for companies focused on growth in this field. We take pride in combining an intimate understanding of contract manufacturing markets with a pioneering spirit.

We aim to help clients maximise their return on investments in sales, marketing, customer service and branding. And our vision is to arm you with the expertise and resources needed to revolutionise your business.

How we got here

Our journey so far.

jeremy knight performing pre-equinet


Jeremy spent ten years in France selling 500k records and twenty years in B2B publishing, building award-winning publications and events in the private equity, venture capital and fast-growth business sectors. 

1980 - 2008
jeremy knight founder of equinet media recording

Equinet Media Founded

After 20 years, the publishing industry was ripe for disruption. Jeremy proposed turning clients into publishers in a new media age and launched Equinet Media.

equinet media strategy workshop

Equinet - HubSpot Partner

Equinet is an early adopter of HubSpot, one of the first agencies in the UK to become a solutions partner. 

eric swain at equinet media

Eric joins Equinet

Eric joins Equinet and becomes a director, bringing decades of experience in communications and technology.

equinet team holding their eos certificate

Equinet Graduates EOS

Equinet runs its business using the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). In 2018 it progressed from its Implementor's guidance and set out on its own.

contract manufacturing workers

Pivot - Contract Manufacturing

In 2022 Equinet decided to draw on its experience to pivot and specialise in contract manufacturing, dropping all other sectors to focus uniquely on the industry's specific needs.


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Meet the Equinet team

Our team of experienced professionals are here to assist contract manufacturers in leveraging the power of brand strategy, content creation and web design. We don't take ourselves too seriously while remaining dedicated to your success, continually striving for higher standards that guarantee better results every time.

Osian Barnes

Content Strategist

Osian studied English Literature and Drama at Bristol University, then trained at LAMDA. After working as an actor for ten years, he joined a digital marketing agency and eventually became Head of Client Services. As a marketer, Osian has worked on award-winning digital and conceptual campaigns for Jaguar, British Airways and Strongbow. He was also part of the team who developed the UK’s first end-to-end mobile vouchering solution for Marks & Spencer. In his spare time, Osian enjoys hiking, psychogeography and jazz.

Adam Boreham

Creative Director

Adam has over 20 years industry experience. After university he worked in a variety of design agencies before heading out to make his own path. He worked for both B2B and corporate clients including Mercedes-Benz, Red Stripe, IT Europa and David Lloyd. Adam now enjoys working on a wide spectrum of creative concepts for both print and digital projects. He has a passion for UX, UI and the customer journey. Adam enjoys spending time with his family and playing basketball. He is a keen collector of vintage comics and original comic art.

Katie Hughes

Content Strategist

After graduating with a First in Psychology, Katie began her career at a market research agency in London. Specialising in qualitative research, she worked with some of the UK’s best-known brands, including the BBC, Lloyds Banking Group and British Gas. After six years, she headed to Australia for a year-long adventure and travelled over 30,000km in a 30-year-old campervan. She rediscovered her love for writing here and joined Equinet in 2017. Aside from travel, Katie enjoys running, skiing, and TV dramas.

Lucy James

Senior Account Manager

Lucy graduated from Loughborough University in 2013 with a First Class Honours degree in Sport Management. She worked in marketing and communications roles within the sports industry before joining Equinet as an Inbound Coordinator. Now a Senior Account Manager, she is passionate about achieving results and providing a great customer experience for her clients. Lucy is a proud Bedfordian, and when not at work, you will usually find her out running or at the gym!

Mani Towler

Marketing Manager

Mani graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2020 with a first-class honours degree in Business Management - with a strong focus on all things digital. Before joining Equinet, she spent three years working directly with clients to solve growth challenges at all stages of the customer journey. She has a passion for creating, problem-solving and learning new things!

Amandine Delbergue

Digital Marketing Executive

Amandine graduated from the University of Hertfordshire in 2017, with a first-class honours degree in marketing. When she’s not busy trying to uncover the secrets behind Google’s algorithms, you can find her diving into data and identifying ways to optimise marketing strategies. In her free time, Amandine enjoys drawing, painting, and spending time with her cat. 

Jeremy Knight

Managing Director

Jeremy has a passion for understanding how a business can grow. This interest has evolved over more than 30 years. For 20 years, Jeremy was in publishing - building award-winning publications and events in the fast-growth business sector. In 2003 he was highly commended at Real Deals for Publisher of the Year by the PPA. In 2009 he launched Equinet Media to make clients the publisher in a new media age. Jeremy is a certified HubSpot trainer. A certified StoryBrand guide. And a fierce guardian of Equinet's core values.

Iain Quarmby 

Senior Designer

Iain has 14 years of industry experience and has worked with many large-scale businesses. He worked with Whitbread, creating artwork for Costa Coffee stores and Premier Inn hotels, and as a freelance creative for IKEA. Other big names he’s worked alongside include Mercedes-Benz, Dunlop and Unicef. Iain’s love for all things quirky and creative is reflected in the energy and passion he brings to Equinet. And it shines through in his hobbies outside work, where you can often find him drawing, painting, or playing the guitar.

Eric Swain

Operations Director

With a background in marketing strategy, social media and mobile technologies, Eric helps our clients make meaningful sense of the brave new world where the customer controls the business ecosystem like never before. He's been knocking about the place for 25 years as a consultant, agency head, director, and head of marketing or sales (or both) for companies from tech startups and mobile app developers to brewers and vending machine brokers.

A harmonious culture is essential for stability and growth. And we foster a supportive environment. But we're a high-performance

team, prepared to hold each other to account. We embrace change, value process and remain agile. And when we hire, it always starts with culture fit.

Our core values

What sets Equinet apart is our team; our most valuable asset.
For people who meet our cultural imperatives, Equinet is a happy and rewarding place to work.

A passion for learning

We seek ways to always be better at the art or science of what we do and share insight to help inform and educate others.


Focussed on outcomes

We focus on outcomes, not outputs, and constantly seek ways to improve so we can deliver greater value for our clients. 

Naturally curious

We are self-starters with a can-do attitude to getting the job done and take pride in being seen this way by our peers.

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