Jeremy Knight

Founder and Managing Director

I spent 20 years as a B2B publisher creating publications for the private equity and fast growth business sectors. But I came to believe (with significant advances in digital technology and the Internet), that making clients the publisher in a digital age was the foundation for a new business. After all, building an audience is a much better marketing proposition than renting a list or leveraging a third-party route to market (advertising), right? So, I launched Equinet Media in January 2009.

Discovering HubSpot in 2011 was a game changer. The blending of a content marketing play with an inbound methodology propelled the business forward, as everything we did for clients had measurable outcomes. Today Equinet is an Inbound Agency, working specifically for the manufacturing, professional services, and SaaS sectors, operating on the EOS system and delivering services through an agile scrum process.

British-ColonyBefore involvement in media and marketing, I spent ten years in Paris carving out a career in music (I only ever work in sectors beginning with 'M':), once selling a quarter of a million records with British Colony.

Take a listen to a recent podcast on building Equinet below:

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Jeremy Knight
Founder and Managing Director

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