Content creation services

Content is the catalyst that propels brand recognition and engagement. By creating valuable and relevant content, you connect with your target audience on a deeper level, building trust, fostering loyalty and amplifying your reach and influence.


Smart content

Design, optimise, and distribute written, audio, and visual content across your buyer's journey. 

The power of a blog

Blog if you want people who need your services to find you. With the right approach, blogging can be a powerful tool that extends your reach, builds your authority in the market and strengthens your brand - boosting customer trust while driving traffic and conversions.


The value of pillar pages

Research, write, design and build pages and topic clusters around a central theme to deliver better rankings for important keyword terms to your business. The topic’s heart is a comprehensive resource page called a pillar page, which covers a topic in-depth and links high-quality content (often blogs) on supporting subtopics - an essential strategy for getting found.

The significance of webinars

Webinars educate, inform, or persuade potential customers about a particular topic. They are intrinsically engaging and create an event around your ideas and information. We can help you target your audience, tailor the perfect deck, select the right platform and manage the event's promotion. The value of a webinar will depend on the content's quality, the presenter's expertise, and the topic's relevance to attendees.

The persuasion of video

Video is an incredible tool that can quickly make a strong connection with your audience. However, it needs to be well-executed. We are here to assist you in incorporating video at crucial points throughout your buyer's journey to enhance your outreach and promotional efforts. Our services include:

  • Crafting your narrative.
  • Filming tours of your facilities and customer testimonials.
  • Explaining complex concepts or procedures.

Whether you need on-site or studio filming, storyboarding, or editing, we've got you covered. Let's discuss how we can help bring your ideas to life through video.


The influence of research

Research-based content can advance progress in solving problems and addressing essential customer issues. Content from evidence and informed by data rather than based on opinions or beliefs. This can provide a resource for understanding complex issues and making informed decisions. It is engaging and can help enhance your authority. We plan qualitative and quantitative research and repurpose results across many content assets.

The importance of email

Equinet has over fourteen years of experience providing tailored email templates from newsletters to blog subscriptions, re-engagement to nurture campaigns and sequences, to automated workflows. Our team tests templates across all major email clients to ensure compatibility, ensuring your emails render correctly for every reader and maximising click-through rates.

The impact of long-form content

Equinet has built a solid reputation for producing high-quality content. Content that helps clients boost their market presence and grow their influence. Long-form content like eBooks and guides remains a valuable asset. They provide conversion opportunities and the chance to start new conversations. And they can be repurposed for different channels, including as pillar pages for your website to help you get found.

The growth of podcasts

Maximise your visibility, engagement, and influence as a contract manufacturer with a podcast. This will help establish a thought leadership position and build your reputation in your market. We can help identify and reach your audience, plan and create valuable and relevant content, and promote it. And we can help build relationships with other industry influencers to increase your credibility.

The clout of print media

Print materials, such as magazines and brochures, can be a valuable tool for marketers in the digital age. They allow brands to connect with potential customers more personally and engagingly - without the distractions and pressure of digital media. Examples like John Deere's Furrow magazine and ARC from General Electric show the success that can be achieved through the strategic use of print media in marketing.

Hyper-targeted content marketing

Content marketing attracts a large audience. But only a percentage of that audience will match your ideal customer profile. Account-based content marketing (ABCM) is a targeted approach that focuses on identifying high-value accounts most likely to be a good fit and targeting them with personalised content. We start by defining your ideal customer profile, then identifying prospects and building a list of key accounts before developing highly relevant and personalised content to engage them.

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