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Create a content strategy that attracts and converts more good fit opportunities for your contract manufacturing business.

What will you learn?

This FREE 30-minute interactive call will show you how we work with contract manufacturers to create content strategies that attract and convert more right-fit leads across long B2B buying cycles.  

How to be found

Video, blogs, emails, white papers, podcasts and social all fuel decision-making at critical moments in the buyers’ journey. But every audience is different. Identify the channels and media where your business will be found by more of your right-fit prospects. Promote and repurpose content across platforms to tell a compelling brand story in the most efficient way.

Generating content

Create a content strategy that continually identifies unique content opportunities throughout the buying cycle. Answer your customer’s most urgent questions in the formats they value most.  Continually plan and execute brilliant content ideas that keep prospects engaged and moving through the pipeline.

Using AI in your content strategy

AI is the hottest topic in marketing right now. But how can you lever the latest AI tools to make better content, faster? We’ll show you how you can reap the benefits and avoid the pitfalls of this disruptive and powerful technology as part of a long-term content generation strategy.