Kirstine Storey

Client Services Director

Kirstine is responsible for all the interesting bits of ensuring that Equinet ticks along smoothly that means managing finance, human resources, the Equinet office and IT. We follow an Enterpreneurial Operating System (EOS) approach to running the business, and it's Kirstine's job to keep us all on track with our quarterly business and departmental goals (rocks), weekly pulsing (time-efficient, valuable meetings), scorecards (weekly business data) and "to dos" (actions arising from those meetings).

A member of the leadership team, she also heads up Equinet's managed email marketing activity for clients.

Offline, she has been known to run the occasional half marathon, to read voraciously and is a Pilates fiend.

Kirstine has over 11 years of experience in lobbying and public relations for Chambers of Commerce, representing local businesses to the media (social and otherwise) and the highest levels of government.  Earning an Executive MBA during her time as a commercial researcher at the University of Luton, she also later spent two years on a Strategic Development/Branding secondment, leading a unique re-branding project for Northamptonshire, which required her to galvanise partnership working across the public sector, private sector and the local community in the county.

"My experience at Chambers of Commerce means I have a core understanding of the needs and challenges experienced by SMEs. I have represented and advocated for business at the highest levels and now champion the cause for Equinet and its clients, ensuring that all are seen and heard in the right way, in the right places, by the right audience."

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