Maddy Bogacki

Creative Consultant

Maddy’s first great ambition was to become a master forger - thanks in part to a ropey T. Keating VHS she treasured in her youth. She has since developed some formidable drawing skills and a greater sense of moral conscience, much to everyone’s relief.

Maddy was formally trained at Oxford University, where she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art. She has also completed a Master's in Computer Game Design at ARU. She is wildly enthusiastic about art in the digital age.

Since leaving higher education she has contributed artistically to numerous projects - from stage design to video post-production. As part of the creative team at Equinet Media she will enjoy exploring a variety of ways to make impactful content online.

At home Maddy continues to make and paint her own canvases. She is running out of space to keep them.

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