15 essential questions about your website redesign

Published Nov 24, 2017 | Written by Chris Abraham

Gone are the days where your website is just a shop window, an online brochure for your products and services. Your visitors expect more, and if your site doesn't deliver, then your visitors will not stick around for long.

If you are about to embark on a new website redesign, you need to read the post below by Danielle Irigoyen.  

Danielle has compiled a list of 15 essential questions you need answers for before you make a start to ensure your redesign project runs smoothly, on time, to budget, achieves your goals, and delivers measurable results. 


Use this as your guide, and you will ensure your project is a success. It is not enough to only focus on cost and time when looking for a website redesign agency partner


For many businesses considering a website redesign, the deciding factors tend to boil down to just two things: cost and time. Essentially, it’s how much money the project is going to cost and the amount of time needed for the site to be finished and launched.

And while these are certainly important factors when planning a redesign, many other questions can be missed in the process—questions that may directly affect the cost and time of the project for the negative.

Published by Chris Abraham November 24, 2017
Chris Abraham