How to use a content marketing agency to build value

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Published Apr 23, 2012 | Written by Jeremy Knight

A content marketing study show that 99 percent of businesses have used at least one form of content marketing, particularly blogs and social media, proving once and for all that content marketing is an integral part of promoting a business.

Many of these businesses are either outsourcing some of their content marketing functions or are considering doing so in the future.  This has increased demand for content marketing agency services, but many businesses don't understand how to use them.

Agencies can perform the tasks of creating and marketing content for a business, but their real value comes at a higher level.  They have the expertise to develop strategies and differentiate clients in the marketplace, but only if their talents are utilised properly.

Here are some ways a business should use its content marketing agency.

Seek their counsel.

Day-to-day business operations often leave little time to think about how a business is perceived in the marketplace - or even whether it's perceived at all.  A content marketing agency can provide this insight.

Companies hire marketing agencies because they understand how to promote businesses online.  In fact, it's their job to know.  Agencies are also there to answer questions about content strategy, so businesses should make the most of it.  Keep in close contact with the agency and ask for their advice when the next campaign is being created.  Agencies perform any and all marketing tasks they're given, but businesses get the most value from taking advantage of their marketing and strategic expertise.

Rely on their imagination.

One of the most important elements of content marketing is creating and delivering original, quality, custom content.  More than 27 million pieces of content are shared online every day, but only the most creative and original material gets the best traction.  A content marketing agency brings that level of creativity to any strategy.

Many agencies are able to create quality content that helps brand a business, generating more clicks and shares than generic content.  To make the most of these services, companies should work with the agency to develop a creative strategy, provide key requirements, and work with the most creative writers in the agency. This approach leads to unique content, better writing, and a content marketing campaign that generates the best results for the company.

Ask for results.

Most agencies that work well with their clients deliver quality work, but this isn't the same as delivering effective work.  Even the most brilliant strategy can fail if it doesn't lead to the right business outcomes. That's why a company should always ask for analytics from their marketing agencies.

Businesses outsource content marketing functions because a service provider can do it more efficiently and cost-effectively.  But this also means the business must keep the agency accountable, which means requesting regular reports on how well the content is performing.  This might include:

  • Daily click-through rates

  • Weekly revenue per click

  • Monthly conversions

  • Or any other measurement the client wants

An agency should understand and be able to measure the results that gauge a campaign's success, but it's up to the business to ask for them.  Analytics ensure that the agency is delivering on their promise to drive more value out of content marketing.

A content marketing agency is the key to creating and executing a strategy that differentiates and grows a business, so companies must choose and use their agencies wisely.  When they do, they run better campaigns, generate better performance, and deliver more compelling business value.

Is content marketing right for you?

Published by Jeremy Knight April 23, 2012
Jeremy Knight