What you missed this April Fools Day

Published Apr 02, 2018 | Written by Jeremy Knight

As a marketer, I love April Fools Day. I enjoy seeing what crazy ideas marketing departments have come up with to trick unsuspecting customers into believing the unbelievable.

One of my favourite pranks from my Facebook feed was the revelation that the Greater Manchester region was to be extended west to include Warrington, Blackburn, Macclesfield and some areas of Liverpool. You can imagine how popular this was with the locals.  Another favourite was a local music festival Daxtonbury announcing the entire festival was to be silent with all music played via individual headsets. 

As April Fools Day fell on Easter Sunday and people were perhaps a little busy stuffing their faces with chocolate to notice, here is a round-up of some of the more genius campaigns from large, well-known brands. 

One which didn't make the list below was the Lego hoover. As a mother, this is the one I wish was true.


The world is on April Fools’ Day watch, as newspapers, obscure tech companies and general pranksters attempt to pitch you carefully crafted “fake news”.

Published by Jeremy Knight April 2, 2018
Jeremy Knight