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Adopt a media mindset to repurpose content across customer lifecycle stages to meet people where they want to be.

Producing content assets in a range of consumable formats from blog to print, audio to video matters because you can keep engaging with customers in ways they value.

At a time when noise is the enemy, this matters.

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Making your site a valuable resource for your customers starts with regular blogging. An excellent blog calendar presents a vibrant mix of original stories, topical analysis, opinion and educational content. It builds your reputation and authority in your field. It can help grow your audience, build rapport, enhance engagement, tell your story and create sales opportunities.

pillar page

Pillar page

One of the best ways to deliver search-engine-optimisation (SEO) success is to develop strategic content "clusters" around a central topic. The heart of this topic is a comprehensive resource page, called a "pillar page" that covers a topic in-depth and links to high-quality content (blogs) on supporting subtopics.

We will develop a topic cluster around a topic core to your business. Then research, write, design and build a pillar page to support it.

The pillar page will sit on your website and be incorporated into your website's navigation menu. This will help improve your SEO and position you as a thought leader in your industry.



Podcasting is a huge opportunity. There’s a surging interest in B2B audio content as workers seek to top up their industry knowledge in more digestible formats. How many podcasts exist in your space? Do you have a unique voice with value to share? Your expertise could be repurposed as a series of expert interviews, round table chats or industry round-ups. We will research and present a blueprint for your podcast and help develop a workable plan to bring it to life - taking the technical and organisational challenge out of the equation for you.

Webinars & Events

Webinars & Events

Webinars are intrinsically engaging and create a sense of event around your ideas and information.

COVID 19 has shown us how quickly brands need to pivot to release complex information in different ways. We can work with you to identify the best way to convene virtual gatherings that have maximum impact in your space. We can recommend and facilitate the software you should use and help you bring together the production and promotion of these events.

Research-based content

Research-based content

Research-based content is highly engaging and can help enhance your authority.

We can help you plan, prepare and carry out qualitative and quantitative research and use that intelligence across multiple content assets.



Video is no longer an optional part of a marketing plan. It should be at the heart of outreach and campaign efforts, especially your social strategy. We will help you script and shoot video demos, expert interviews, educational and explainer episodes, case studies, event promos and more. Equinet can film on-site with you, and we also have a fully equipped video studio at your disposal.

We will design, write, film and create videos that will deliver remarkable experiences for your prospects and customers.

Reports and eBooks

Reports and eBooks

A whitepaper sets out an argument for a particular solution to a problem. Or it can take a solution-agnostic approach, highlighting benefits without being salesy. Less formal than a white paper, an eBook is more concept-centric and relaxed in style. But it is nonetheless underpinned by sound research and robust propositions. Equinet has acquired a reputation for great content creation and has opened up new markets and influence for clients.



When most content has gone to digital, print is now an extraordinary opportunity to cut through. Some B2B magazines are among the most successful in the world - think of John Deere's Furrow magazine which has over a million subscribers in over 43 countries, and General Electric's ARC magazine which commands a trade circulation of 350K. Print is a format that gives us time to think as we consume, without constantly being urged to 'click away'. Done right it can be a powerful tool for concentrated and deep brand engagement.

email templates


Good email design helps you boost conversions and build long-term relationships with prospects and customers.

We will design and develop email templates for your newsletter, blog subscribers, offer templates and re-engagement emails. These will be tested across all the main email clients and incorporate personalisation as appropriate, maximising your click-through rates.

Brand guidelines

Brand guidelines

Design is more important than ever as brands endeavour to stand out from the crowd. Good design will set your content apart. It is an instant indication of quality and value as it implies levels of care and attention. We work across all design from concept to delivery and develop brand guidelines to create consistency across all elements of your customer-profile.

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