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If our Brand Growth Plan is not right for you, but you are looking for an experienced inbound marketing agency to help attract, engage and delight prospects that are looking for solutions to problems you solve, you’re in the right place.

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Feel like you’ve been here before?

Inbound marketing isn’t a new concept. Creating compelling content to attract visitors and convert leads is probably the de facto starting point for most organisations today.

But too often, companies fall short when they fail to focus their approach on customers. So content doesn’t resonate with its intended audience. Time and again, we meet companies that are failing to attract enough quality leads. And poor fit prospects are taking up too much sales team time.


We have a solution for you

Whether hands-on or consultancy based, our strategic process for developing growth-driven marketing plans for HubSpot customers has been fine-tuned for over ten years.

Every business is different - different stages in their growth and positions in their markets. Equinet understands that educational, keyword-optimised blog posts might work better in some markets, while targeted email campaigns or social media tactics may be most effective in others.

Our results-driven inbound marketing services will give you the strategy you need to plan successful campaigns - persona-driven content to deliver prospects the information and experience they want, precisely when they need it.

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The right content makes your site a destination for prospects and customers who need your insight and expertise. Structuring a website properly and the right publishing strategy makes content discoverable for the right people at the right time in their buyer’s journey. Blogs, SEO, videos and pillar pages together weave powerful topic clusters that drive search to your site. Meanwhile, social promotion spreads your insight and influence with key audiences. All this leads to more targeted traffic to your domain.



The inbound strategy engages customers more deeply as they move from consideration through to decision. Workflows define journeys designed to draw leads back to your site to engage more and identify their needs more clearly. Richer and more specific content is shared, meaning your business has more specific insight necessary to close deals and convert leads into customers.



Content should be designed and optimised to turn visitors into leads. A focus on the mechanics of conversion supports your brand’s storytelling strategy. CTAs and landing pages should creatively connect the narrative you’ve been building, giving prospects compelling reasons to join mailing lists and take the next step. Meanwhile, smart forms, chatbots and knowledge hubs can gather data intelligently, and Lists can be automatically segmented for more targeted and tailored communications.



Beyond the sale, your content should carry on engaging and delighting your audience through its authority, variety and creativity. If you succeed in this, your customers will be continually and naturally prompted to share your content and evangelise your brand. At the same time, the deep understanding you’ve gained in your engagement with them can be levered to inform more in-depth content to help others in the future.

Getting started.


There is an art and science to doing inbound well. Designing the full range of creative, expert content for customers. Planning and publishing in an agile way. And continually analysing and optimising for better results.

When you work with Equinet, you have a team that clusters around you to provide a fully outsourced solution or complement your internal team. A highly experienced team that has been delivering inbound services longer than most other agencies in the UK.

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