Attract & engage customers with Inbound Marketing

Create content and tailored experiences to attract customers and move them through the sales funnel.

Get found by the right people

Inbound marketing is a process for getting found by people looking for what you do. It is a programme that informs and educates, acquires permission, builds audience, and compels prospects to take action.

A buyer-centric methodology

Inbound is a buyer-centric methodology based on your ideal customer’s interests, fears, and aspirations at each stage in the buyer’s journey. By demonstrating your understanding and empathy for the buyer’s pain, you layer content and experiences that position your company as the guide to help them solve their problem.

With inbound marketing, continuous improvement is an agile process. Data and experimentation powers the customer insights that inform more relevant and remarkable experiences. It is a mindset that delivers on the growth plan promise - the concept of Kaizen in practice: “Improvement by everybody, every day, everywhere.”

Quarterly pulsing

When you partner with Equinet, we cluster around you to drive every aspect of your inbound marketing strategy.

Each quarter we meet to review performance, set new targets and agree on priorities for the next three months. This cycle creates a pulse on your sales and marketing and develops a framework for continual improvement. We separate real performance drivers from vanity metrics and set up the tools to track and monitor engagement and conversion at every lifecycle stage.

Weekly calls

By researching your ideal customers we can identify how target accounts are structured, who the decision-makers and influencers are, and how decisions are made.

An agile approach to planning

Inbound marketing works best when it responds to what happens, not simply what was in the plan.

Your growth plan always responds to new challenges, solving customers’ problems and answering their questions in new and innovative ways. Data-driven experimentation in pursuit of optimal results becomes a reality as you provide a culture of unique content. This reactive and collaborative approach helps everyone deliver on their collective goals.


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