Inbound MARKETING & SALES  Pricing


How much will an Inbound programme cost?

While not entirely satisfactory, the answer has to be ‘it depends.’ That said, we can break down a minimum viable budget for you and be explicit about the costs of set up. But the costs of an ongoing inbound programme are going to depend on your specific needs. Those needs will be dependent on how are you set up today. Your goals. Your timelines for achieving those goals.

Like a contract manufacturer, for example, we can’t pull a standard solution off the shelf and present it as the answer to every customer's need. In the same way, if you needed a new facility, then the scope of your requirement would impact the price. It’s the same thing with an inbound programme.

So, before we can estimate cost, we will need to know the current state and performance of your website and your social profiles. The lifetime value of a new customer. How much growth you expect to achieve through existing efforts. What revenue you currently generate online. The answers to these and other questions like them will impact the cost of an inbound programme that responds the outcomes you need.

The cost of developing a strategy, foundation, and minimum viable Inbound programme

This is the cost of set up. Developing a strategy and building the foundation needed to launch a minimum viable programme will cost £15,000. This can take two or three months; the difference is £7,500 or £5,000 a month.

The other consideration is your website. If we need to build a launch pad site as part of a Growth Driven Design (GDD) programme, the cost will typically be £7,000. Or, for a stand-alone website redesign, the costs start at £12,000.

Costs for subsequent inbound marketing programmes start from a minimum of £4,000 a month (40 points). Given the marketing mix required, anything less will fail to achieve the outcomes we both need. Either the results fall short, or we have to deliver out of scope work to achieve the desired outcomes – neither work in the long run.

Working from your goals, timelines, resource etc. we will be able to recommend a monthly point allocation required to achieve those outcomes. This may include points for GDD, points for sales enablement, points for additional posts, eBooks, etc. All which will be identified in the context of your goals, resources and timelines.

The 40 point/£4,000 a month programme includes twelve blog posts and a conversion offer per quarter as well as a whole host of monthly activity as illustrated below. Increasing the number of posts and conversion offers as well as adding increased levels of associated activity, along with points for sales enablement and GDD all contribute to getting further faster.

All campaigns include:

Equinet Icon Set Additions CTA.png


Equinet Icon Set Additions LANDING PAGE.png

Landing pages

Equinet Icon Set Additions THANKS YOU.png

Thank you pages

Equinet Icon Set Additions OPTIMISATION.png

Conversion optimisation

Equinet Icon Set Additions EMAIL MARKETING.png

Email marketing

Equinet Icon Set Additions NEWSLETTER.png

Email newsletter

Equinet Icon Set Additions WORKFLOWS.png

Workflows (lead nurturing)

Equinet Icon Set Additions SEO.png


Equinet Icon Set Additions INFLUENCER OUTREACH.png

Influencer outreach

Equinet Icon Set Additions SOCIAL MEDIA.png

Social media promotion

Equinet Icon Set Additions DIGITAL DESIGN.png

Digital design

Equinet Icon Set Additions MONTHLY REPORTING.png

Monthly reporting

View the Inbound Revenue Calculator

We work in quarterly cycles and you can increase or reduce the monthly point allocation at any time (but not below the minimum 40 points). And we work with a three-month break clause, so you are never tied in beyond a single campaign.

New clients are provided with a Points Catalogue detailing the points value of every tactic. Equinet operates with agile scrum and you will also be provided with an online client board so you can see how we are burning down the points in monthly sprints.

These are factors you will also need to keep in mind

We don’t do billable hours. Everything we do is scoped out every month. We adopt an agile approach and tactics can adjust based programme performance. And you will need to budget for technology and, potentially, for paid media too.

The costs of technology

The most significant technology cost is likely to be HubSpot. Acquiring a license is a requirement of working together. And to deliver end-to-end inbound, you will probably need a professional licence.

  • A professional license (incl. 1,000 contacts) is £665 per month (billed annually)
  • Additional contacts (with a pro license) are £42 pm/£504 pa, per thousand
  • If your site is built on HubSpot CMS, you will need between £80 and £245 pm
  • You need Sales Starter on HubSpot which costs £42 per month per license.

Assuming your site is built on the CMS, that monthly visits are over 3,000, and that you have a database of 3,000 (plus 1 x Sales Starter), for example, your HubSpot costs are going to be £12,312 a year. With monthly visits under 3,000, a database under 1,000 and one Sales Starter, that cost would be £9,324. 

There are other scenarios for getting started with HubSpot which cost less, but at the expense of passing on valuable features such as Smart Content if you are not building your site on the CMS, or foregoing lead nurturing, for example, if you just purchase the Basic license. But to illustrate, the cost of a Basic license with the ‘CMS < 3,000 visits’, 1,000 contacts and one Sales Starter would be £4,404.

You can see more about HubSpot Pricing here.

As well as HubSpot, we run a suite of tech for most clients which includes Hotjar for onsite behaviour, SEMrush for site health, Wistia for video and several others. You should budget in the region of £150 a month in this regard.

The budget required to get started

Bearing all of these considerations in mind you will need a minimum budget between £55,000 and £65,000 to get started in the first 12 months.

Ultimately the cost will be defined by your custom programme, at the centre of which will be:

  • The pace of original blog writing/publishing
  • The frequency of ongoing advanced cornerstone content creation
  • The level and sophistication of associated social media activity
  • The respective roles that Equinet and your team will play in producing, managing, and executing the various elements of your monthly programme
  • Whether GDD or Sales Enablement feature as part of your programme

Monthly programme budgets typically range between £4,000 to £10,000 (40 to 100 points). So, the range for delivering inbound can range between £55,000 and £140,000 a year.

Example FULL END-To-END first year programme

Costs for a first year can range between £55,000 and £150,000. By way of example, for a customer needing to accelerate traffic to a new site with a focus on optimising the conversion of visits to leads, tripling the number of qualified leads delivered to Sales, improving the metrics from sales qualified lead to opportunity, and opportunity to sale, a first-year programme might look like this:

Strategy and Foundation (example assumes 3-month implementation)


Technology costs including HubSpot


Launch Pad Website on HubSpot CMS


Growth Driven Design Retainer (20 points pm over nine months)


Inbound Marketing & Sales Programme (50 points pm over nine months)


Total Example Cost


using Hubspot and want to talk about a project?

If you are already subscribed to HubSpot and are looking for supporting services, or want to find out what working with a Partner agency looks like, or even researching options for replacing your existing agency, we would be happy to speak with you.

Whatever your circumstance, we will be able to advise you on how we operate and the options available for working with us. Just set up an intitial consultation at a time that suits you.

Every Equinet Client will get:

Your Inbound Strategist.png

Your Inbound Strategist

All Programmes have an Inbound Strategist who leads analysis and direction including involvement in your monthly Backlog meetings and Quarterly Reviews.

Monthly Reports and Scorecard.png

Monthly Reports and Scorecard

We provide each client with a monthly activity and outcome report to help benchmark progress and update management.

Quarterly Reviews.png

Quarterly Reviews

Every 90 days we reset the clock. We review targets and goals for the past quarter and agree the strategic direction , goals and priorities for the next quarter.

How we work.png

How we work

We work in quarterly cycles and with quarterly goals with a three-month break clause on our contract with you. Retainer pricing can be reviewed every quarter.

Your Inbound Marketing Team.png

Your Inbound Marketing Team

Every client has a full implementation team lead by their Inbound Marketing Consultant including a Content Editor, Developer, Designer, and Inbound Coordinator.

Monthly Backlog Meetings.png

Monthly Backlog Meetings

Your Inbound Marketing Consultant and Inbound Strategist will run an online Backlog meeting with you each month to review progress and plan the next month.

Point Pricing.png

Point Pricing

Equinet uses point pricing where all services are graded based on effort and value to your business. So you never pay for inefficiency. Every new client gets our Points Catalogue.

The HubSpot requirement.png

The HubSpot requirement

We only work with clients who have or are prepared to acquire HubSpot. Our work is based on your business goals and we need this technology to deliver those outcomes.


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