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Video is the new normal

Without video, you miss opportunities to engage and keep customer attention through a medium people have come to expect.

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Words are only half the story. Video can bring insights to life for customers. It can be levered as highly watchable, bite-sized clips for blogging and social campaigns, as well as longer introductory and educational features across your site.

The average visitor stays longer on a website with video. It is not a 'nice-to have' anymore. According to Hubspot, 85% of businesses now use video in their marketing, and 83% say it's consistently delivering a tangible ROI.

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Integrate video strategically across your campaigns

Videos can convey your value in different ways - from company tours and case studies to sector comment and analysis. And you win when they are planned and deployed to explain, engage and convert at crucial moments in the customer journey.

Video can be hard to get right, but rewards can be big.

Start small with 'talking heads' adding more ambitious projects as you gain traction. Jyske Bank's video capabilities evolved to a point where they launched a TV channel, making them a trusted destination for lifestyle, business and personal banking news.

Make video part of your brand Make video part of your brand

Make video part of your brand growth strategy.



  • Lever the power of your expertise
  • Supercharge blogging and social strategies
  • Project personality in your storytelling

Case studies.

  • Let your customer tell your story
  • Show what you do in a relatable way
  • Build trust with customers and prospects


  • Introduce new concepts
  • Simplify complex topics 
  • Explain and engage 

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A video showing JJS manufactuing capabilities
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JJS Manufacturing

We travelled to Lutterworth and the Czech Republic to capture the full capabilities of JJS Manufacturing's facilities.

Congidox animation explains their med tech development software
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Cognidox - Animation

An animation was the best medium to explain the benefits of the Cognidox software in the med tech sector

Inline Instructional Video still from a film by Equinet
Inline's instructional video introduces their EU policy training workshop
Inline - EU Policy Training

InLine needed a dynamic video to show clients what they could expect from their range of training workshops

FB Chain Corporate Video Still
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FB Chain

Quality is ingrained in FB Chain's products and culture. We created a video to visualise and demonstrate just that.

A laboratory technician handes medical equipment in Camstent's corporate video filmed by Equinet
Polygon 2

Camstent's video introduces investors to their groundbreaking medical device which could save healthcare systems millions of dollars every year.

BIE Executive - Alex's Story
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BIE - Mental Health Week

Reaching beyond everyday business, BIE Executive asked us to capture the story of Alex who went through his own mental health challenges

Digivante corporate video still
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Digivante used video to explain how their website and app testing services deliver extraordinary value to their clients.

A still from T-Three's animated infographic
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T-Three - Animated infographic

Bringing infographics to life for T-Three's blended learning programme.


Equinet video production services

Interviewing customers, partners, or internal experts can create great content. But it is essential to get to the point and keep pace using short, powerful sentences. Or a complex product with a demo video could save you time and money and improve customer understanding.

We can help you produce videos that will elevate your brand and win more customers.

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A Guide to Producing Compelling Inbound Marketing Videos

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A Guide to Producing Compelling Inbound Marketing Videos

Strategically creating videos for different stages of the inbound methodology will help strike a chord with tentative prospects. Tailoring your video production to your audience can also increase viewership and improve your ROI.