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Redesign your website for good reasons

When it comes to website redesign, many businesses fail to focus on the most important considerations: yes, your site does need to be responsive today; and no, SEO is not dead, as many will claim. Of course, you need high quality content and it is imperative that you protect the best-performing elements of your existing site.

But more important than this, your site needs to be about your customer first, not your services, features and benefits.

At all costs you need to avoid treating your website redesign as an aesthetic, PR or propaganda exercise – three examples of what Hubspot defined as the Ten Terrible Reasons to Redesign Your Website!

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Defining real problems with your site is not always straightforward - here are clear signs that it's time for a website redesign...

It's not generating leads

If your site’s not converting visitors to leads you are probably haemorrhaging opportunities. Your website is often the first impression you’ll make and, if it sits like a pretty face with no mechanism for interactivity other than offering up your phone number, that first date's going to be a short one.

It's not optimised for mobile

People are visiting your site from multiple devices. A significant proportion of your traffic is already from mobile - and those mobile visitors do care, make no mistake. If your website's not working on major platforms and devices you are quite literally ignoring potential customers.

It is clearly outdated

The only reason a website should look retro is if it's selling the past. Anything else and you really need to look current. A visitor should be able to get a sense that they know your company through your website. A modern website will focus on user experience and the interface as well as the information. If your site offers a look or performance that is outdated, then so does your business.

It's not easy to use

Visitors to your site need to find information easily. If they can’t use clear, simple and intuitive navigation to get there in as few clicks as possible, you’ve got a problem. If your visitors have to search through countless pages or are being taken to incorrect pages, you are creating frustration, which is counterintuitive.

Here is the bottom line

If your website is not helping your business, it’s not working. If it's not attracting the right people, at the right time, and converting them to leads and sales, and it's not current and easy to use, then maybe it's time for a website redesign.


If you'd like to discuss how Equinet can help you with a website redesign, especially as part of an inbound marketing programme, contact us for a free, no-strings consultation.

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"There’s way too much talk about CSS and XHTML and Standards and Accessibility and not enough talk about people. CSS and Standards Compliant Code are just tools – you have to know what to build with these tools. Great, I’m glad your UI doesn’t use tables. So what? Who cares if it still doesn’t let people achieve their goals"


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To discuss how Equinet can help you with a website redesign, especially as part of an Inbound marketing programme, contact us for a free, no-strings consultation.

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Joe Byrne m2fx

“The development process wasn't without its challenges, but we are really pleased with the new website Equinet built for us. Since its launch we've seen our organic traffic grow by almost 200% and have had a 4x increase in leads from organic search ”

Joe Byrne
CFO, m2fx

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