Create the right mix of informative and educative content. Develop keyword research around the fears, interests and aspirations of your key personas. Optimise across your site and promote through social channels.

BLOG writers and blog management services

A well-managed, well-written blog can attract visitors and help establish you as a thought leader. It can enhance your position as trusted adviser. It will keep you top of mind with existing customers. And it will draw more relevant traffic to your website.

A blog with insightful advice and intelligent opinion can get commented on and shared. And, each time you post, you add a new page to your site making you more visible to search engines.

Google takes more notice as your site grows, and posts gather social proof. Each post creates opportunities for links back to your site, building authority. And each post creates an evergreen asset that keeps on giving as it continues to get found. 

Blogging is by no means a new phenomenon. Any new blog has a lot of noise to cut through; to succeed you need to consider blog management from every angle. It is a skill that requires commitment and discipline.

Equinet can provide blog training. And we can help develop your internal blog strategy as part of an ongoing inbound commitment.

We can also write for you. We identify the problems your personas are trying to solve. We crystallise the issues they seek to understand. And we qualify the questions they need to answer. Equinet can help:

  • Devise your blog strategy including keyword research and integration
  • Plan your editorial pipeline
  • Proof and edit your internal blog output
  • Write posts for you
  • Implement post optimisation
  • Source and place appropriate pictures with associated links and alt tags
  • Create associated calls-to-action and landing pages
  • Provide ongoing blog training for your team
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Business Blogs that Deliver Results

Investing time and creativity into your posts, and fostering active engagement from your audience, will give you a blog that truly delivers. Learn how to get past the basics, and grow and scale your blog reach.

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keyword research and keyword topics

Content development requires several inputs. These inputs include who we are writing for, where they are in our buyers’ journey, how the content fits in the bigger picture and more. But our content creation should always be mindful of intent too. Why would someone consume this content? What do they need to take away? When will they need it and how are they going about finding it?

Changes in the ways search engines evaluate content have led to questions about the value of keyword research and rankings. And the way we all search today has changed too. We are far more literal or conversational in the way we interact with search engines. Especially now we search through ‘voice’ and ‘mobile’.

Context is now a very real feature in search results. So a searcher's intent is an important consideration. And this has given rise to the idea of optimising round ‘Topics’. Or Topic Clusters’. In essence, a collection of related subjects (pages) relating (and linking) to a core theme.

Keyword research matters as much as it always did. But defining keyword phrases then creating pages around those terms is not enough. We need to consider context now too. And this requires new strategic thinking and planning to succeed.

Equinet will help you develop these new content strategies. We will define valuable keyword phrases based on these content strategies. This work will address context as well as volume and difficulty. We will develop your topic clusters, drawing more relevant traffic to your site. And this work will inform future on-page optimisation activity as well as your blog and cornerstone content.

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Business Owners Guide to Content Marketing

Effective content marketing far outperforms advertising today, offering you a clear route to market which addresses the concerns and interests of your buyers. Discover what it takes to do it right.

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the importance of social promotion

Distribution matters. Whilst well-optimised content will be found by those looking for the information you share, it is also important to leverage the networks you have nurtured and grown. But, given the right approach, it is also possible to reach new contacts through other, well placed third parties.

The starting point is to always promote your content through your social channels. You need to be mindful of etiquette and best practise in each platform though – while setting up a sequence of ‘Tweets’ at different times across several days is perfectly acceptable, posting to LinkedIn in this way would not be recommended. And the type of content you need to be sharing in Facebook will be notably different from both Twitter and LinkedIn.

You also need to bear in mind that, without engagement and interaction, social promotion can come across like the person at a party who appears convinced you want to know all about their job. You really do, right?

On our starter programme Equinet can help you with social promotion by sharing out your content as described above, but there are other ways of reaching beyond your own networks. This is sometimes referred to as influencer marketing. Put simply it is the practise of identifying individuals who have established a leading profile and significant networks in your field and establishing relationships where they then promote your content to their followers.

This is difficult and it takes time to establish and you cannot expect results from this approach without ‘being remarkable’. Equinet can help customers on our higher programmes set up and manage this process and build a meaningful network of influencers who will help you extend your reach and promote your content drawing contacts back to your ‘owned media’ where you can convert their interest and harvest their permission to add them to your own network.


A Guide to Social Media Success

In an age where reputations are made and lost according to prowess in the social world, the time has come to get to grips with how your business can best use social to reach and engage with your customers.

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SEO and on-page optimisation

The authority of each page on your site as it pertains to search engines is more about links back to those pages and the authority of those links than it is about the ‘optimisation of your pages.

There are technical aspects to optimising your site like using SEO friendly URLs, including keyword phrases in those URLs, page titles and H1s and getting your keyword into the first 100 words. But there is only so much you can do with on-page optimisation today. That said, those things are worth doing well.

Google looks at over two hundred attributes as it crawls your site. But the algorithm is now smart enough to interpret a searcher's intent and results will be served up to the them based on the value of both the content and the context of their query. So, the quality of your content matters. This will include spelling and grammar as well as usefulness, uniqueness and volume. 

But beyond the question of quality and quantity of your content, keyword placement and best practice is still important. Optimising your URLs, page titles and H1s as well as understanding use in your body copy can still make a real difference. This can still count for up to 20% of the overall impact on rankings.

Equinet will help you get this right. We will measure, analyse and improve your on-page optimisation, mindful of emerging search terms as well as updates to search engines and emerging trends like the importance of ‘Topics’.


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