6 video formats perfect for your social media strategy

6 video formats perfect for your social media strategy

Written by Jeremy Knight  |  11, April, 2018  |  0 Comments

Social media continues to be a driving force for marketing success.

And, thanks to its creative potential and ability to drive conversions, an increasing number of businesses are turning to video to fill their content marketing toolkit. Video is a highly desirable asset. According to HubSpot, the use of video increases share rates 10 times on social media.

If you are engaged in a video marketing campaign you may be wondering what type of video content performs best on social channels.

Here are 6 video formats that inbound marketers can fold into their social media marketing strategy.

The hero video

Hero videos are often created for use on a company website, but they can be shared on social media too.

Social may be the first place your buyer personas encounter you, and if they are not yet ready to navigate to your site, you may want to explore other ways to introduce your brand. Video content pulls in an ever-increasing percentage of internet traffic. That’s great news for marketers because video generates more engagement and interaction than other content types.

A strong mission statement shares your organisation’s purpose and gives an immediate sense of the product or service you provide. It also gives a clue of your business values and customer base.

Perhaps you have an interesting origin story to share, or a unique way of working? What is it that differentiates you from the competition? A short hero video is a wonderful way to summarise who you are and what you do.

Explainer videos

In an explainer video you can describe a specific problem and tell the story of how your business tackles it.

Explainer videos are particularly impactful in the consideration stage where a prospect has given a name to their problem and is actively researching methods of solving it. These videos help put your business in context with a searcher’s experience.

Using video makes it simple to explain a business idea in an eye-catching fashion. The combination of a short, informative script and attractive visuals will quickly grab and hold the attention of buyer personas online - conversion rates have been shown to increase by 64 percent with the use of an explainer video.

Social media video can easily communicate the strengths of your product or service and drive traffic to your website by offering up further free content.

Process videos

Audiences quite simply love an inside look, especially in the manufacturing industry and other sectors that use unusual machinery and methods. Going behind-the-scenes to showcase your team, factory and approach can turn the production of a simple commodity into a feat of wonder.

Process videos help boost brand awareness by giving you more exposure. They’re educational and fun and capture the art and science behind what your business does. This is not only impressive to customers, but also to potential employees.

Video is one of the most shareable types of content which makes it incredibly valuable to your social media strategy.

Fortunately there’s no shortage of content to cover. Process videos can explore your business activity at any level. You could explore how you source materials, check for quality, or even what makes you capable of meeting deadlines and big outputs.

Showing your company working at its best will help establish confidence in you as an industry leader.

How to videos

Business owners are discovering that an inbound marketing approach converts prospects at a much higher rate than traditional advertising. For example, razor manufacturer, Gilette has generated in excess of 6 million views on just one of their 'how to' videos.

Instructional videos are a great example of content that promotes a brand without the use of explicit advertisement.

How to videos can also help improve user experience. They are perfectly suited to social media channels not only because they are helpful and interesting, but also because these platforms are often where users will go to ask questions. Chances are, your customer will head to your page feeling frustrated about something your how to can instantly resolve.

To make a how-to video that successfully fosters a growth in audience engagement levels, all you need to do is choose a process that is related to your business and break it down into simple instruction.

Ideally, you want to pick a subject with some visual intrigue. You can then break up the video with animation or text. How to videos can be delivered as a one-off piece or, even better, a complete series.

A big thank you

If you’re a good business, you put your customer first. That philosophy should extend to your social strategy - demonstrate a customer-centric attitude by reaching out.

It doesn't take long to make a good impression. Videos shorter than 30 seconds have an 89 percent higher conversion rate than those extending over 180 seconds.

Personal greetings and a sincere acknowledgement of your customers (and followers) is one great way to generate video content that is short and sweet.

You can use video to celebrate milestones, thank your customers or simply spread seasonal spirit.

Trending topics

Your customers use social media to keep track of world events, trending hashtags, memes and seasonal joy.

Maybe your company is doing something exceptional for charity, or has a message to share about a specific trend? A visible awareness and sensitivity to your buyer persona’s wider interests will help you connect on a more personal level.

Sharing video that addresses topical trends also help insert your business into the larger conversation on social media.

Video content is abundant on social media because it is appealing, flexible and powerful. Using one of the above video formats will make it easier for your business to fold this key component into your social media strategy.

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