Lead generation marketer’s ability to show short-term sales impact has coincided with a corresponding period with a strong focus on growth. This is especially salient when you consider the significant increase in lead generation as a percentage of marketing spend at a cost to brand marketing over the past two decades.

Yet research from the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) on marketing effectiveness shows that while demand generation delivers faster results, it is less effective over time. Brand marketing takes longer but provides better returns long-term. The best results are when brand marketing and demand generation work together.

Gone are the days when B2B executives believed a logo, font and snappy strapline was all they needed to build a brand. To cut through the noise, make an impact in the market and attract attention is all down to your brand. And how your brand performs is all about understanding your customers.

The most significant factor in the modern marketing landscape is change – everything changes – all of the time. It would help if you created a brand that will not only make a mark and have a real impact, but one that will stick – that will work for you through all the changes in the market, evolving customers' needs, and the ongoing development of your product or service offers.

A well-researched, well-thought-through brand identity that fits your business like a glove and is resilient enough to adapt to changing situations is the key to creating steady growth. If you live and breathe it, it will bring a consistent and coherent approach that will grow your business.


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