Strategy Module


Employ a data-driven, integrated, and strategic approach for effective growth tactics.

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Goals & Timelines

Strategic success isn’t just about making plans. It’s about setting clear, measurable goals, mapping progress, and adapting to achieve growth.

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Campaign Strategy

To create sustainable growth, your service teams need to be aligned, core services visible and you must have a go-to-market plan.

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Technology Stack

Technology can help you make your vision a reality. We’ll help you choose the perfect tech stack that fits your goals, integrates seamlessly, and ensures your security.

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The Game Plan

A well-defined game plan is the cornerstone for success. Together, we'll use the insights from the previous modules to create your bespoke strategy. 

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Define your digital growth strategy

You have established the underpinnings of a strategic campaign framework by combining earlier modules' insights, understandings, and decisions. Now, you can select the best methodologies, plan tactics, understand costs, define KPIs and draw up plans for a sustainable pipeline.




Goals & Timelines

Define your objectives

Successful strategy is as much about precision as vision.

As you plan for the growth of your business, it's essential to set clear goals and timelines that are both visionary and measurable.

This will enable you to track real-time progress, make timely adjustments, and optimise your performance.

By establishing clear benchmarks, you can more effectively analyse your performance, identify growth opportunities, and stay aligned with your overall business objectives.

A Successful Strategy



Get found and target ICPs

Building strong relationships with OEMs that require manufacturing services is crucial for a contract manufacturing business to grow.

However, this can be a lengthy and intricate process involving various stakeholders at different stages. To achieve sustainable growth, it is essential to enhance the visibility of core services, strengthen sales support, concentrate on ideal customer acquisition, and align Sales, Marketing, Service, and Operations teams.



Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound acts as a magnet at the outset. Generating valuable content tailored to potential clients seeking manufacturing solutions drives organic traffic to the business's digital platforms. Blogs, ebooks, and webinars can address common manufacturing challenges, trends, and solutions, positioning the contract manufacturer as an industry thought leader and trusted advisor.

Account-Based Marketing Strategy

Some clients bring significantly more extensive, extended contracts in contract manufacturing. ABM allows you to identify these high-value prospects and tailor bespoke marketing campaigns. This ensures that the messaging and outreach are highly personalised, addressing these specific accounts' unique needs and challenges, leading to a higher likelihood of conversion.

Sales Enablement Strategy

Once potential clients show interest, sales enablement tools come into play. Equipping the sales team with the right technology, content, and data is paramount. Creating the best stories showcasing the company's expertise and capabilities will also help. This can help articulate your unique value proposition, handle objections more effectively, and shorten the sales cycle.

Revenue Operations Strategy

RevOps is the crucial connective tissue linking marketing, sales, and service strategies. By ensuring alignment across these teams, it effectively dismantles operational silos. RevOps unify processes, tools, and data analytics, providing comprehensive insights across every phase of the customer lifecycle. This integration streamlines operations and guarantees a consistent and seamless customer experience. Through this cohesive approach, RevOps ensures that clients receive unparalleled service post-onboarding, fostering better client retention and increasing opportunities for upselling. This strategy positions RevOps as pivotal in driving sustainable business growth and customer satisfaction.



The CRM Platform

For modern businesses, the right technology stack is crucial. It directly impacts efficiency, growth, and success. The best tech stack aligns with business goals, integrates smoothly, is user-friendly, and prioritises security.

First, we'll clarify your primary sales and marketing goals. Pinpoint the processes you aim to simplify and the challenges you want to address. A standard B2B tech stack should include CRM, Marketing Automation, and Analytics. You need to consider:

Integration and Scalability: Select tools that work well together for hassle-free communication between platforms. Also, invest in tools that can grow with your business.

Usability and Support: Choose platforms that are intuitive and offer extensive training. Strong customer support is vital, especially for intricate tools.

Value and Security: While cost matters, also think about the long-term benefits of the tools. Never skimp on security or industry compliance.

Equinet's Picks: We recommend HubSpot for CRM, CMS, Marketing, Sales, and Service and RollWorks for ABM.



Your go-to-market plan

From our work together in the positioning, branding, and marketing modules, we've gleaned essential insights. Using these as a foundation, we can now set clear goals, set realistic timelines, decide on the methodologies, and implement an effective technology stack. A well-defined game plan is a cornerstone for success. 

  • Clear Direction & Focus
  • Resource Allocation & Alignment 
  • Measurement & Risk Mitigation
  • Informed Decision Making
  • A plan for Return on Investment

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View the Marketing Module to the left or Website Design to the right.
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Website Design

Craft a highly functional website that engages visitors and provides avenues for ongoing connections.

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Content Design

Produce multi-channel content tailored to your buyer’s journey, optimised for widespread distribution..

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Campaign Delivery

Implement digital campaigns with measurable outcomes, allowing for ongoing performance optimisation.

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Let's Get Started

In a world where customers expect you’ll operate unseen, how do you stand out, improve your margins and deliver explosive growth?

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The Positioning Module

Begin your journey by diving deep into your competitors, creating ideal customer profiles, and positioning your brand.

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The Branding Module

Prioritise a market-oriented approach focusing more on your customers’ needs, fears, and aspirations than your services.

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The Marketing Module

Adopt a full-spectrum approach from inbound to outbound to reach and influence good-fit customers where they like to be.



If you are a contract manufacturer or part of the supply chain, find out more about working with Equinet as your growth marketing partner.