Avoid these email spam trigger words

Published Jul 29, 2019 | Written by Nicola Risi

The struggle with conversion copy is that there’s such a fine line between captivating and cliche. Your choice of tone, phrasing or even a single word could be the difference between an irresistible line that converts effortlessly or distasteful clickbait. 

Email subject lines are some of the most difficult to craft. How do we write subject lines that connect with users so deeply they can't help but click? How do we write the kind of copy that stands out in inboxes yet doesn't appear 'spammy'?

This article from Simply Cast helpfully rounds up some of the most common email spam words and phrases, so we can clean up our copy and start writing authentic, honest and irresistible email subject lines. Some of them aren't as obvious as you might think. I've definitely seen a few of these worm their way into my writing before.

Bookmark this list, save it, print it out, pin it up over your desk - whatever you need to do.

And when all else fails - sell the promise, and deliver it! 


"When you're crafting the perfect email, sometimes the subject line is the hardest part to complete. You have to encapsulate the entirety of your email in a line that's not too short and not too long and is engaging enough for readers to open the email. Often times, email blast keywords, both ones to include and ones to exclude come in handy. On top of that, you need to worry about whether or not your subject line will get picked up by spam filters."



Published by Nicola Risi July 29, 2019
Nicola Risi