Why B2B businesses shouldn’t be afraid of using video content

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Published Nov 15, 2011 | Written by Jeremy Knight

istock_000016759565xsmall-1One of the most exciting and potentially useful aspects of the internet from a B2B marketing perspective is video content. If a picture can say a thousand words, just think how many a short informative video can account for.

Unfortunately, despite its potential, online video is often underused, and in some cases not used at all. Some of the common reasons given for not taking full advantage of web video for business include:

  • We can’t afford it, it’s too expensive
  • We don’t need it, our clients aren’t interested in video content
  • We don’t have the skills/ resources for online video content creation

In response to these entirely reasonable assertions it is therefore necessary to point out three things:

  • With the cost of high quality video cameras and editing software coming down all the time, producing web video for business marketing purposes is in fact very good value for money. Particularly in terms of the benefits you can gain and the eventual ROI.
  • While video-based marketing is often thought of as more relevant for consumer-facing organisations, those involved in the B2B purchase process are also highly receptive to video content. When faced with a choice between a long page of textual content to read, or a short informative video that tells you everything you need to know, which type of content would you rather absorb on a busy day at the office?
  •  It may well be the case that, like many B2B businesses, you don’t actually have the necessary personnel or equipment to produce polished video content. But that should not be seen as a barrier to exploiting the potential of video marketing. As with other forms of digital publishing and content creation, there are agencies out there that can create online video for you, to your specifications. Often, they can also help you to position it on the web so it will receive maximum exposure in front of your targeted customers.

A well-made video can do a great deal for your business, and in some cases it can help you to get your point across much more clearly and succinctly than is possible with text.

For example, if you’re trying to explain to prospects just how effective and wonderful your latest product is, wouldn’t it be better to simply demonstrate it in the kind of situation that they would use it?

Add some voice-over narration and what you’ve got is a neat self-contained package of digital content which a) demonstrates the product, b) provides all the relevant details, and c) tells the viewer how to find out more/ make a purchase.

Once you’ve got a piece of polished video content, you can then use it in numerous marketing channels: on your website, in email marketing, on social media brand pages and beyond.

Finally, video content is easy to share with others online, so if you can attract one buyer, you may find many more making a beeline to your door.

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What is your experience of using video in business? Have you got useful tips on what to do and avoid for any business considering video for the first time?

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Published by Jeremy Knight November 15, 2011
Jeremy Knight