Why you need a content strategy

Why create content? Who are you helping, and how will you help? Organisations typically use content marketing to build an audience, increase revenue, lower costs and attract better customers. Maybe you're looking to build brand awareness, create credibility or generate leads. Perhaps it's all of the above. To meet these goals, you need a content strategy and framework.

A content strategy is a playbook for using content (audio, visual or written) to meet your business goals. When implemented successfully, a content strategy will attract a target audience at every stage of the buyer's journey and keep them engaged beyond a purchase.

A content framework, by contrast, is very tactical. It is your plan for publishing and distributing content. It's where you detail why you are creating content, who it's for, what formats you'll use and how you will make it. It's a way to plan out every aspect of your content marketing.

Your content strategy will help you to do the following:

  • Keep teams focused and aligned towards your goals
  • Provide clarity on who you are creating content for
  • Determine which types of content to develop
  • Create accountability
  • Identify performance metrics to track
  • Determine how you are going to promote your content

With a solid content strategy and framework in place, you put strategy before tactics, and you can generate creative ideas in an organised, scalable manner. You'll be able to make tactical decisions about your content confidently. And you'll get better results.

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