Cheers to a balanced New Year!

Published Jan 08, 2018 | Written by Jeremy Knight

New year, new start, new resolutions. This is the time when we reflect back on the past year and set new goals for the upcoming one. 

Most of us focus on bold goals like career progression, making more money, travelling more, buying a new home... However most of these are on my list as well, I always encourage myself not to forget to be grateful of the things I have accomplished so far, the experiences I have gathered and the people who surround me.

Goal setting is an incredibly useful exercise we can do, but it can also become a source of frustration and dissatisfaction. 

I was glad to stumble upon this blog from Darshan Mehta @HubSpot and read about Lagom

For those who, don't know, Lagom is a Swedish word and it means balance. A state where everything is on a right level - not too hot, not too cold - just lukewarm. Exactly the right level of comfort. You could have it hotter for better indulging your senses, but that would be the cherry on the top. You can have the cake without the cherry, right?

So, lagom teaches us to recognise this state of balance and know where to stop. It leads away from the extreme consumerism, superfluous and unnecessary consumption and encourages us to recognise the joy of a more simple life.

On this note, I wish you all Lagom New Year!


Roughly speaking, lagom is a state of being sufficiently balanced. However, that doesn’t mean everything is equal, as on a leveled seesaw. Instead, lagom means having just the right amount of something for a given situation. The common Swedish proverb, "lagom är bäst" — which roughtly translates to, "the right amount is best" — is similar to the English phrase, “everything in moderation."

Published by Jeremy Knight January 8, 2018
Jeremy Knight