Five Online Contract Publishing Benefits for Business

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Published Jul 10, 2012 | Written by Jeremy Knight

Successful B2B marketing depends on communicating effectively with your clients and prospective clients. Custom, or contract publishing in its printed form has long provided businesses with a way to make their voices heard and to engage with decision makers. In the 21st century its online descendant is opening up even more powerful and versatile ways of getting your message out there and creating a buzz. If you remain unconvinced as to its merits, here are five reasons for you to consider investing in online contract publishing or proven newsletter ideas.

#1 It engages clients for far longer than other forms of advertising
According to the Association of Publishing Agencies (APA), custom publications can engage the attention of the reader for as long as 25 minutes. When compared to the amount of time spent on other mediums, this benefit is even clearer; 30 seconds for TV advertising, 20 seconds for radio, 8 seconds for billboards and other outdoor advertising, and just 5 seconds for banner advertising online.

#2 Custom publishing enables you to get your message across exactly the way you want
Whereas with an advertising slot in a trade publication or a guest post on an industry blog you may be constrained by the house style and editorial guidelines of the publication, with contract publishing you are free to communicate your message the way you want. You can not only design your eNewsletters, PDF’s or micro-sites to best serve the needs of your business and its clients, you can also populate them with the exact content you feel is right for them. 

#3 It can enhance your SEO and expand your social media presence
A professionally written and produced online publication can bring additional benefits as well as simply engaging with B2B buyers. It can contribute significantly to your search engine optimisation efforts, in terms of both content and link-building. For one thing, it can provide a constant source of regularly updated and keyword-infused content. There’s also the possibility that interested buyers will share your custom content with their colleagues and peers, creating additional links to your site online, and potentially creating a buzz on social media channels.

#4 It keeps your business on client’s minds
A successful marketing campaign is one which engages clients in the long run, rather than just for a few fleeting moments. Regular contract publishing in the form of electronic newsletters, micro-sites, PDF’s and even online video content helps you to ensure that your products and services remain at the forefront of your clients’ minds. They can also help you to position your business as a thought leader in your industry.

#5 It can help you to learn more about your clients

Online contract publishing has made it possible to access and analyse information about how people interact with your publications. Instead of sending material out in the post and hoping for the best, modern custom publishing enables you to see detailed data, such as who is reading it, what areas they are focusing on most, and how long they spend looking at it. You can then use this information to further tailor your B2B marketing strategies.

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Published by Jeremy Knight July 10, 2012
Jeremy Knight