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Meet the Equinet Inbound Marketing Team

Equinet Media is a HubSpot Gold Partner and inbound marketing agency. We only work for manufacturing companies, professional service firms and technology and software companies.

We deliver inbound strategies, inbound implementation and content creation for clients. And we build intelligent websites that drive engagement and qualified leads.

Unlike a ‘contractor’ service, judged more on output, we take a ‘strategic partner’ approach. So we deliver outcomes that correlate with your business goals.

We care about our culture and obsess over making a meaningful difference for clients. So we only take on new work when we are sure we'll be a good fit.

We don’t do stand-alone projects or one-off content commissions. We focus on creating high-value content for retained clients. Thus avoiding the peak-and-trough disruption that can impede client workflows.

Not a general marketing agency – we’re not a good fit if you’re looking for general marketing support. Equinet is a specialist agency with specific services that we strive to hone and perfect.

If you're looking for the lowest cost option. We’re specialists, so don’t offer generalist fees. Some agencies charge less for their services. So if you’re searching for price alone, we’re likely not a good fit.

You’re not looking for growth – we’re not a good fit if you’re not committing to growth. We focus on building and measuring growth. If that’s not what you want, we’ll not be the right partner.

You don’t have buy-in from the top and are not addressing this. Gaining consensus for inbound fares better than ordering its implementation.

Do you want to explore inbound marketing? Do you believe we might be a good fit? Then take a moment to set up a consultation below. 

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Team Members

Jeremy Knight
Founder and Managing Director

Kirstine Storey
Head of Operations

Eric Swain
Client Services Director

Antonia Molloy
Inbound Marketing Content Editor

Justyna Wegner
Inbound Marketing Coordinator

Timea Pascu
Inbound Marketing Consultant

Gemma Rogers
Business Development Manager

Maddy Bogacki
Creative Intern

Leanne Goodes
Front-end Web Developer

Adam Boreham