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Join us in our quest to build the best inbound marketing agency in the UK

What sets Equinet apart is our team; our most valuable asset, and we treat them as such. For people who meet our cultural imperatives; solution orientated and empathetic in outlook, humbly confident and positive in attitude, sanguine and flexible in their approach, Equinet is a happy and rewarding place to work.

We are on a mission to generate a measurable flow of qualified leads for our clients. And our vision is to be recognized as the #1 agency in our field in the UK. To achieve that we need to continue to grow and recruit, train and invest in new people who will help us reach our goal.

Our core values are:

  • Gather around the team as family
  • Reach for excellence every time
  • Own what we do: no smoke and mirrors
  • Walk the walk and practice what we preach
  • Turn every customer into an evangelist
  • Help, teach and educate at every turn

Equinet’s culture is the embodiment of our mission, vision and core values:

  • We recruit for culture and think big
  • We treat process as key and celebrate creativity
  • We are totally transparent in everything we do
  • We embrace change as inevitable
  • We are fiercely focused on client goals
Eric Swain

We are not a general marketing agency. We are specialists, focused on outcomes, not billable hours. We don’t do stand-alone projects, and we work as a strategic partner, not as a contractor. 

We are very upfront with clients about our approach and only work with businesses that are a good fit. And we need to be just as discerning with our recruitment. If you're a good fit and want a career in inbound marketing, take at look at the vacancies below.

Inbound Marketing Careers at Equinet

Inbound Content Writer

Here's what we look for in a great Inbound Content Writer.  You will need to show a passion for writing, for the position, and for the work we do. Many journalism graduates may see themselves becoming investigate journalists. And while those skills are useful for an inbound content writer – that’s only part of what we need. Fortunately, if you’re r...

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Inbound Marketing Consultant

An Inbound Marketing Consultant manages the implementation of inbound marketing tactics. They contribute to our goal of helping each client achieve their business objectives. In particularly through lead generation and conversion.

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