We are on a mission to generate a measurable flow of qualified leads for our clients. And our vision is to be recognised as the #1 agency in our field in the UK. To achieve that we need to continue to grow and recruit, train and invest in new people who will help us reach our goal.


What sets Equinet apart is our team; our most valuable asset, and we treat them as such. For people who meet our cultural imperatives; solution orientated and empathetic in outlook, humbly confident and positive in attitude, sanguine and flexible in their approach, Equinet is a happy and rewarding place to work.

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We are quick to offer help and advice and we are alert (as humans) to those we're in contact with every day.

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We seek ways to always be better at the art or science of what we do and share insight to help inform and educate others.

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We are self-starters with a can-do attitude to getting the job done and take pride in being seen this way by our peers.

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We approach our work with confidence but are never boastful or condescending and recognise to ask for guidance from others.

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While we take what we do seriously, we endeavour to keep our sense of fun and strive to stay calm under pressure.


Gather around the team as family

Gather around the team as family

We recognise the importance of fostering a supportive environment. More than a team we're like a family.

We recruit for culture and think big

We recruit for culture and think big

A harmonious culture is the most important thing for stability and growth. The first and last thing we look for when hiring is culture fit.

Reach for excellence

Reach for excellence every time

We're smart. We know perfection is a myth. So instead we constantly aim for excellence, striving to be a little better each time.

We treat process as key

We treat process as key and celebrate creativity

We run on a system of consistent, repeatable processes - the Equinet way - but make sure there's room for creative sparks to fly.

Walk the walk

Walk the walk and practice what we preach

We are 100% committed to Inbound - for our clients but first for ourselves. We won't use tactics for clients that haven't been tried first on our business.

We are totally transparent

We are totally transparent in everything we do

Everything we do gets measured. That way we can always see what's working and what isn't - and do more of the former and fix the latter.

We embrace change

We embrace change as inevitable

Change is the new normal. We love change. We see it as an opportunity for new thinking and new approaches.

We are fiercely focused on client goals

We are fiercely focused on client goals

Measuring against goals is how we know if things are working- if we are having success. Everything we do is focused on goals.

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Inbound Marketing Careers at Equinet

Digital Marketing Executive


Our client services team manages the implementation of inbound marketing tactics.  They contribute to our overall goal of helping each client achieve their business objectives through lead generation and conversion. Our Digital Marketing Executives are pivotal to delivering successful growth marketing campaigns for our clients, from creating engaging landing pages and social content to analysing campaign performance and website traffic.

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Web Design/Graphic Design Hybrid at Equinet Media

Web Designer/Graphic Design Hybrid

Equinet Media £30 - £35k

Equinet is looking for a web designer who is interested in solving complex problems. The ideal candidate should have an eye for clean and artful design and demonstrate a passion for web design as well as a deep interest in user experience and user interface design.

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Inbound Content Writer

Here's what we look for in a great Inbound Content Writer. 

You will need to show a passion for writing, for the position, and for the work we do. Many journalism graduates may see themselves becoming investigative journalists. And while those skills are useful for an inbound content writer – that’s only part of what we need. Fortunately, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably decided that you want something more. A different challenge. A more creative role. The excitement of working in one of the most dynamic areas of business marketing today.

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Senior Account Manager

Our client services team manages the implementation of inbound marketing tactics. They contribute to our goal of helping each client achieve their business objectives. In particular, through lead generation and conversion.

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