Align Sales and Marketing

Step 3: Campaign Execution/Part two: Align Sales and Marketing


Ever closer alignment and communication between sales and marketing increases the velocity of lead generation and sales, helping businesses grow faster, with more strategic success.


A culture of alignment from the start

The brand growth plan brings sales and marketing teams together from the outset, ensuring both are involved in defining the ideal customer fit, and creating buyer personas that inform marketing efforts and lead qualification.

Continually review and optimise lead generation and lead scoring.

Lead qualification needs regular reviews to ensure optimal performance. A CRM like Hubspot can track a prospect’s interaction with your website and content. At the same time, lead scoring can trigger workflows based on that history and other demographic markers.

With a better quality of leads, Sales should feedback to Marketing on outcomes from leads worked and suggest ways scoring could be tweaked and optimised to deliver better results.

Aligned sales and marketing teams

Sales and Marketing: more together than the sum of their parts

Sales collaborate with Marketing as they plan, create and deliver better and more targeted content. And Marketing remains alert to opportunities to develop bespoke content for Sales. The information that Sales gathers is itself a treasure trove of relevant insight and material that can help produce yet more specific and targeted content for publication.


Account based marketing - the ultimate alignment project

Account-based marketing (ABM) strategies are the ultimate expression of this kind of alignment, with Sales and Marketing working together to develop content designed specifically for consumption by individual companies or even individuals.  

A high level of creative and technical collaboration - from social listening to dynamic personalisation, is required for this kind of programme to target and track response in ways that are actionable for both sales and marketing teams. Alignment through ABM can produce spectacular results.

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