Managing and maintaining customer data has always been important.

However, keeping it clean, updated and helpful has proved a challenge among organisations of all sizes. The problem is exacerbated because the lines between customer experience, engagement, and relationship management are increasingly interconnected. 

  • Data is often manually imported creating disparate data issues. Data lakes and silos are common in many CRMs
  • Marketing, sales, and service team data tends to be transactional making customer lifetime value harder to analyse
  • Fast-growing companies need to demonstrate data integrity and privacy law compliance across multiple channels
  • OEMs today expect to find answers to their questions online. And it would help if you considered the motivation of several key people at each stage of the buyer’s journey (‘decision makers’, ‘influencers’, ‘budget holders’, ‘blockers’…)

The good news is that these common problems are not insurmountable. This page serves as an introduction to resetting your CRM optimisation strategy to benefit sales, marketing and customer service teams and positively influence sustainable revenue operations growth.

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