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Step One: Create a strategy/Part Three: Get a media mindset

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A media brand to cut through the noise

Create a blueprint for media assets that extend your reach and influence your market.



A focus on products and services can leave customers cold. They care about their own needs. If your company isn’t showing up as they search for information, you risk being ignored.

It’s a noisy world and standing out is more challenging than ever. With near-unlimited competition for attention, you have to deliver value before you deliver your product pitch.


Are you heard and valued by the right people today?

Think like a media company and build a media brand around your business. With a media mindset, you will always think about customers interests and needs first and develop ways to educate and inform them.

Building a media brand might sound far-fetched until you think inch-wide, mile-deep. You specialise, right? You have insights, stories, knowledge and expertise that set you apart. Now repurpose across channels that work for your audience.

Good media is well designed, multi-channel, with a ‘human’ voice. Include your website, newsletter, blog and eBooks of course, but think video, podcasts, webinars and magazines too. Think like a media company, and you will start to plan events, publish research and even consider Awards in your market. And you will consider where these assets turn up in your buyer's journey.

Strategy consulting for inbound marketers

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The Media Workshop

With what we have learnt in previous workshops, we will work with you to create blueprints for media assets that will extend your reach and elevate your influence. 
Information prospects are searching for will vary according to where they are in the buying cycle. Content to generate awareness will be different from content to convert leads to customers.

  • Awareness - what do I need?
  • Consideration - what are my options?
  • Decision - why should I buy now - from you?

By considering your content matrix - cognisant of buyer persona and lifecycle stage – we will create synopses for cornerstone content that will resonate and help move prospects through the buying process. And by identifying the most pressing questions they have at each stage and planning to answer those across multiple channels, you will build trust.  
Prior to the workshop, we will conduct research and during the event, present our findings and recommendations including:

  • Keyword research and target list
  • Content audit of assets and placement opportunities
  • eBook synopsis
  • Pillar page chapter headings
  • Optimised topic cluster post titles x 13
  • Additional recommended blog post titles
  • Video recommendation
  • Explore the magazine and podcast opportunities

Take the next step and book time to talk with us about your media brand. Or find out how to book a Media Workshop as part of the Strategy step in the Brand Growth Plan.

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Strategy consulting for inbound marketers