Elevate Your 
Digital Brand

Step One: Create a strategy/Part One: Elevate your digital brand

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Why this matters


Your customer-facing digital brand

We bring your teams together to refine your purpose and explore how you want to come across to customers in a hyper-competitive world, ultimately focusing your sales and marketing on what matters to customers.

Desktop Research.

We will conduct a baseline audit of your current set up to establish benchmarks to build from. We will identify specific, maesurable and time-bound goals that are important to map and improve. As part of the early stage output, we will provide a report on your keyword ranking, search volumn, difficulty score and backlinks and how you compare to your closest competitors.

Working on the Brand Growth Plan

The Brand Workshops.


Define your core proposition

In these sessions, your team hones in on the proposition that is key to the value you deliver for your customers. What is the core of your competitive advantage? What makes customers buy from you instead of someone else?

Clarify brand essence and personality

Part of what should differentiate you is the unique expression of your brand values, culture and personality. It's the most intangible but often most significant part of the way you turn up in the world and communicate with customers.

What is your ideal customer profile?

The workshop determines the characteristics of a company that would be an ideal fit for what you offer. We help you capture the shape and behaviour of the perfect-fit customer organisation.

Establish reasons to believe

Why should your team and customers believe in your core proposition? The digital brand workshops identify the 'reasons to believe', the evidence of the unique value you offer to customers.

Define your buyer personas

In the buyer persona workshop, we develop substantial descriptions of the people most likely to buy from you. Together, we go beyond demographics to understand your prospects' challenges, fears, and aspirations. What are they looking to achieve and what other people exist in their world who help or frustrate their decisions?


The Brand Growth GamePlan.

The Brand Growth Gameplan will be delivered after the first six weeks of this six-month programme. The Customer Brand phase is about steps one through four detailed below.

We will summarise the output from our desktop research and the workshops in this section in a GamePlan that will also include the results and output from your MediaBrand and StoryBrand Workshops. The final plan will consist of:

Brand Growth GamePlan


Benchmark Report

Competitor analysis and your current setup


Brand Key

Core propositions, reasons to believe, brand essence and personality


Ideal Customer

Fully design profile of the perfect customer for your business


Buyer Persona

Change Drivers, Success Factors, Perceived Barriers, Decision Criteria and Eco-System


StoryBrand BrandScript

Develop a brand narrative with the 7-part StoryBrand framework


Positioning Statement

Develop a positioning statement that unifies your team and clarifies your message


Website Wireframe

A plan for your homepage designed around your customer


Website Wishlist & Sitemap

Output from your website workshop to inform the build


Buyers Journey

Key pain points and questions at each lifecycle stage


Content Audit

Review of existing content a repurpose opportunities


Media Plan

Synopses and briefs for each content asset that we will build in step two of the Brand Growth Plan


1st Quarter Campaign

Campaign plan for the first 90 days post-launch

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