Your customer
is the hero

Step One: Create a strategy/Part Two: Your customer is the hero

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Why this matters


Why story matters across your digital marketing

Humans are natural storytellers. But businesses often fail to tell their story well.


Have you noticed how many websites:

  • Fail to communicate what the company actually does?
  • Make the main focus their products and services?
  • Use complex, jargon-filled copy that is hard to decipher?

Telling your story well means recognising that your customers should be the hero in the story you tell. And clarity is essential. People don’t buy the best products and services. They buy the ones that are best communicated.


The human brain is trying to do two things:

Survive and thrive
Conserve calories

Your customer is looking for insights that will help them grow and improve their position and status. But they don’t want to work hard at it. They need to understand fast. So, if you confuse, you’ll lose. Fail and they will simply move on.


The Story Workshop

Customers have a problem or a need. How you respond can set you apart or set you back. In this workshop, we use the StoryBrand Brandscript and the Value Proposition Canvas (Strategyzer) to differentiate your brand narrative. 

What we learnt during your persona workshop will identify the transformation they aspire to and, with that, we will develop your brand script and a plan for how we position your customer as the hero in your story.

  • Identify the principal problem your customers are facing, how they feel, and why that matters
  • Establish empathy and authority as a solution provider
  • Communicate the steps to how you help them
  • Establish direct and transitionary calls to action
  • Evoke jeopardy and qualify success

Next, we will plot your customer's main jobs-to-be-done. The pain they face when trying to accomplish them. And the gains they perceive by getting them done

We will draw on your core propositions developed in the brand workshop to match how your product or service relieves pain and creates gains for your customers.

Find out how to book this workshop or continue to explore The Brand Growth Plan.